Mithai 14th April 2022 Written Update

Mithai 14th April 2022 Written Update

Mithai 14th April 2022 Written Update: Mithai written update

Today's Mithai 14th April 2022 episode starts with Hari and Chandrakanta doing the preparations for the Holi Ka Dahan ritual and giving their blessings to everyone.

Mithai and Karishma appear as the Krishna and Radha from whom everyone takes blessings, including the elders.

Going on the stage, Mithai and Karishma perform the Rasiya which grabs the attention of Siddharth.

Siddharth reminisces the dance of Aarti in the past and gets mesmerized to see Mithai doing the same part in front of him.

Apeksha notices Siddharth’s attitude and tries to belittle Mithai in front of him but Aabha interrupts her words.

Aabha dismisses Apeksha’s insults towards Mithai and tells them how Mithai is such a lovely person.

The next day arrives with the start of the Holi celebration in the Chaubey family, Hari and Chandrakanta put color on the feet of the God.

After all the family members take the blessings from the elders by giving color to their feet, they move outside to enjoy the function.

Apeksha and Deepthi arrive and get welcomed by Girish who tells them to meet Siddharth who is in his room.

Hari asks Mithai to bring the sweets from the kitchen which she quickly rushes to fulfill.

Meanwhile, Indu comes to meet Siddharth and hands him the photos of him and Aarti from the time they visited her.

Siddharth thanks Indu for her kindness as she leaves his room which Apeksha notices.

As Apeksha and Deepthi meet Siddharth, they try to instigate him against Mithai by lowering her character.

Keerthi tries to interrupt but gets asked to carry out an errand of bringing snacks for Siddharth.

The cousins savor the taste of the jalebis of Mithai when Keerthi tells them the whole situation.

Mithai decides to make Siddharth eat sweets on Holi and exchanges the vegetable filling in the snacks with sweets.

Keerthi takes the plate nervously while Mithai and others excitedly wait for the drama to unfold.

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