Mithai 16th April 2022 Written Update

Mithai 16th April 2022 Written Update

Mithai 16th April 2022 Written Update: Mithai written update

Today's Mithai 16th April 2022 episode starts with Mithai confronting Siddharth regarding Indu's health and apologising to Siddharth for the colour splash earlier that day.

The next morning, Girish brings great news regarding their business and leaves for Agra.

Mithai wants to accompany Indu and tells Harimohan to ask the doctor everything and that she will eavesdrop but Harimohan cunningly convinces her to stay home.

Still unaware of her mother's condition Mithai prays to Lord Krishna to make things right.

Siddharth and Harimohan take Indu to the hospital and are seen by Apeksha who wants to confront Siddharth regarding his involvement with Mithai and Indu.

Apeksha's mother stops her and tells Apeksha that she doesn't have enough authority to confront Siddharth yet.

At the Choubey house, Mithai is cooking delicious dishes and waiting for Indu to get home safe and well.

Karishma is a little annoyed because she doesn't have a good picture with Rohan, to solve this problem Rajiv brings Rohan home and all of them capture smiles under the lens.

Here, Harimohan assures Siddharth that he will take care of everything and tells Siddharth to leave for office.

Once there, Siddharth sees a rose and gift kept on his table.

Holding his hands Apeksha confesses her love to Siddharth, who withdraws and explains that he doesn't believe in love. Not being able to withhold her tears anymore, Apeksha runs home. 

Tears still pouring down her cheeks, Apeksha confides everything to her mother who talks to Siddharth and tries to explain Apeksha's love for him.

Siddharth, on his way to grab Indu's reports, listens to everything she has to say and explains his side of the story.

After hanging up, Apeksha's mother gives her some pointers on how to get Siddharth to like her.

Here in the hospital, the ground slips under Siddharth's feet as he finds out that Indu has lung cancer.

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