Mithai 18th April 2022 Written Update

Mithai 18th April 2022 Written Update

Mithai 18th April 2022 Written Update: Mithai written update

Today's Mithai 18th April 2022 episode starts with Mithai setting up a pooja for Lord Krishna while hoping that Indu's reports come back normal. 

Mithai comforts Indu and tries to cheer her up.

Here in the hospital, Siddharth is informed that Indu is suffering from the initial stage of Lung Cancer.

Siddhart visualizes Arti in Indu and promises that he will not lose her again.

After seeing the reports, Harimohan is shocked but musters the courage to inform Indu of the hideous report.

Although scared, Indu's first worry is Mithai's well-being.

Mithai doesn't get a straight answer from Harimohan after inquiring about Indu's health.

Later that night, Chandrakanta and Harimohan pray to Lord Krishna to make everything alright and return Indu to her healthy self.

Harimohan pleads with Lord Krishna to never let anything deter Mithai's smiles which stem from her mothers well being.

Just as they were about to leave, Indu steps into the pooja Ghar and tells Chandrakanta that she possesses something that belongs to the Choubey family.

Indu draws out the necklace that Arti gave Indu as an assurance of Mithai and Siddharth's future wedding and presents it to Chandrakanta and Harimohan.

Unaware of its true significance, Chandrakanta takes the necklace.

Before Indu could leave, Harimohan picks up on her lie and instructs Indu to tell them the truth.

Siddharth overhears when Indu informs Chandrakanta and Harimohan regarding Arti's promise.

Indu is quick to mention that she doesn't expect to marry Siddharth and Mithai due to the huge societal gap between them and that she only wanted to return the necklace to its rightful owner.

Indu also pleads with them to find a good boy for Mithai out of the multiple people working in their stores.

Chandrakanta decides to keep the recent revelation to themselves and advises Harimohan to do the same. 

Harimohan considers Arti's wish as a sign to embed Mithai into their family tree and has made up his mind to do so.

Here, Chandrakanta is thinking practically to maintain the family's peace.

Just then, Mithai enters their room and asks whether Harimohan is hiding something from her.

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