Mithai 7th April 2022 Written Update

Mithai 7th April 2022 Written Update

Mithai 7th April 2022 Written Update: Mithai written update

Today's Mithai 7th April 2022 episode starts with Bhura grabbing Mithai by her hand and dragging her to the car.

Mithai's pleading, shouts and prayers go unheard before the stubborn Bhura.

Siddharth arrives just in time and slaps Bhura hard.

Bhura runs away at the sight of some security guards.

Siddharth scolds Mithai and warns her to keep her acts in check. He doesn't want anything to hamper Harimohan's reputation.

Mithai is scared due to previous events but still manages to thank him.

On the stage, contestants take turns presenting their sweets to the judges.

Harimohan begins clapping once Mithai's name is called.

Slowly approaching the stage, Mithai stumbles and stutters.

Mithai is awestruck but manages herself in time. Mithai derives strength from Lord Krishna and sings her famous song to introduce her "aloo jalebi".

The extraordinary introduction intrigues everyone.

Mithai runs to Harimohan and expresses her gratitude to him.

All the judges agree and announce Mithai as the winner of the competition.

Mithai's dream has finally come true.

Everyone is shocked and disappointed at the result except Harimohan.

Mithai touches Harimohan's feet and remembers her long lost father.

All the emotions come flooding into Mithai's eyes, falling into tears.

Siddharth hears Mithai's emotional speech and can't help feeling sympathy for her.

Mithai accepts the cash prize as Harimohan praises Mithai.

Girish is frustrated and Mr Agrawal fans his fire.

Bhura sneaks into the competition venue and challenges to make Mithai his wife.

After reaching Choubey house, Mithai proceeds to Lord Krishna's statue and thanks him for keeping her back.

Harimohan promises to help Mithai further by opening her bank account.

Bhura plans to kidnap Mithai and force her to marry him.

Mithai leaves for home and is followed by Bhura's men.

Unaware of Bhura's plan, Mithai is trapped.

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