Molkki 11th March 2021 Written Update:Virendra joins Rewari college with Purvi

Molkki 11th March 2021 Written Update:Virendra joins Rewari college with Purvi

Molkki 11th March 2021 Written Episode; Written Update:

Today's Molkki 11 March 2021 episode starts with Anjali suggesting to get Purvi checked by a doctor while Virendra tells them to leave and let Purvi rest.

Prakashi tells Anjali that she called her at the right as Virendra would not have spared her had he seen the video.

The flashback shows Prakashi getting a call from Anjali and then replacing the video with the video of Karan and Purvi.

Anjali praises Prakshi while saying that Virendra will become doubtful of Purvi from now on while Prakashi agrees.

She says that she will prove to everyone that Purvi is a crazy person.

Later, Purvi asks Sudha about the NGO and gets relieved to hear good about her and starts stuffing their notes.

Sudha asks her a question but Purvi fails to explain while Karan watches them.

Karen goes up to them and helps them with the question while his friends praise him.

Sudha requests him to help her with the subject while he stresses and asks her where to meet after classes.

Sudha says that she can't do it at NGO and request Purvi to let them study at her place and Priya gives in to Sudha's request.

A girl calls everyone to the principal's room and they go there after which Purvi gets surprised to see Virendra while Karan is shocked.

Karen stands next to Purvi and watches her intently while the Principal announces that Virendra will be a student of the college as he has decided to resume his studies.

Later, Purvi tells the kids that she can't study with them while Virendra asks her the reason.

She reveals the situation to him that Karan is going to come home while Virendra gets doubtful.

Karen sits between Sudha and Purvi and teaches them the formula while Virendra thinks that he is teaching the girls properly that maybe he mistook Karan.

Karan says that he wants to post a picture on Friends Book as he posts everything he does and clicks a picture with them.

He reads aloud the caption while trying to make Virendra jealous.

The written update of 11 March 2021 Molki episode full story ends.

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