Molkki 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Anjali tortures Juhi and Manas

Molkki 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Anjali tortures Juhi and Manas

Molkki 2nd April 2021 Written Episode; Written Update:

Today's Molkki 2 April 2021 episode starts with Anjali telling Prakashi about her pushing the kids for being intolerable.

She asks her if she can host the kitty party and get food made for the guests.

Meanwhile, a kid teases Juhi and Manas asking if their stepmother didn't give them food to eat.

The kids defend her while Anjali and Jyoti are cooking food in the house kitchen.

Later at school, the teacher stands up to collect the books while Manas puts the glue on the teacher's chair.

Anjali and Jyoti dance on the Naagin dance while Jyoti makes a video of Anjali.

The teacher gets stuck on the chair while the students start laughing and reveal that Manas was the one who did it.

Elsewhere, Juhi's teacher also comes into the class while the students start laughing.

The teacher sees a funny portrait of herself on the blackboard and asks who did it.

Juhi accepts that she was the one who did it and the teacher takes her to the principal's office.

Anjali comes there while the principal scolds her for not educating the kids right.

Anjali takes them home and complains about them to Prakashi while Prakashi makes the kids promise to her that they will not leave their room.

Manas says that he is hungry while Anjali says that she will feed him a tight slap but Juhi stops her and says that he is not hungry.

They see Anjali's guests coming in and sneak out of the house without Bhuri noticing.

They collect worms from the garden while Prakashi tells the goons on the call to find another safe hideout for Purvi.

She tells them to take care of hiding and goes inside without noticing the kids.

The kids are in the kitchen and plan to add the worms into the food but take out their part of the food into a plate.

They go away while Bhuri comes into the kitchen and closes the window.

The written update of 2 April 2021 Molki (मोल्लकी in Hindi) episode full story ends.

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