MTV Hustle 29th October 2023 Written Update, Episode 4

MTV Hustle 29th October 2023 Written Update, Episode 4

MTV Hustle Season 3.0 29th October 2023 Written Update: Episode 4, Hustlers, Contestants, Squad Leaders, Best Performers, Watch the full show online on the Jio Cinema app This Week

MTV Hustle 29th October 2023 Written Update

Today's MTV Hustle 3.0 29th October 2023 starts with Badshah giving a performance after which host Super Manik talks about the three-way battle to win a spot in the top 16.

The first three contestants to come on Ground Shunya are Jaya, MNDP, and Shen B out of which Jaya starts the performance.

Jaya gives an exciting performance of 'Kaun Peeche Choota' and stuns the squad leaders as Dee MC, Ikka, and others praise her lyrical talent.

Shen B comes on the stage next and raps 'Mere Khoon Mein' and shocks everyone with an intense fast rap bridge which makes everyone cheer and stand up for him.

He talks about how he would have lost his morale if Dee MC had not done the mic drop for him in the first round.

MNDP takes on the stage next and sings and raps 'Bhaari Bhaari Bass/Parey Reh' getting Ikka and all other's attention as they compare his way of rapping to Eminem's.

Jaya and Sheb B join MNDP on the stage as Badshah praises all three of them after which he announces the winner of the Three-way battle to be Shen B who goes in Dee MC's squad.

The next battle is up between Prince, Meetoride, and Lekhak as they get encouraged by Badshah.

Meetoride comes on the Ground Shunya first and dedicates his song 'Bhole Bhole' to Chhatrapati Shivaji which makes everyone stand up in respect.

Lekhak takes on the stage next and raps 'Munde Naal' gaining praise from everyone for his bars.

Prince comes in last and impresses everyone with the amount of improvement on his rap song 'Dil De Lootere' after which Badshah tells Meetoride and Lekhak to join him on the stage.

Baadshah praises all three artists and their works and finally announces that the winner of the battle is Prince who goes in Dee MC's squad.

The hosts Super Manik and Wicked Sonny come on stage and tease the squad leaders after which they perform a freestyle rap with the squad leaders and the contestants.

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MTV Hustle 3.0 29th October 2023 Episode Update

MTV Hustle 3.0 is returning with a brand-new season to show the hidden talents in the rapping scene emerging in India among the youth.

The latest promo for this weekend's Hustle Season 3 (29 October 2023) showcases a talented lad hailing from Assam, and Badshah warmly embraces him, cherishing the immense love they receive from Assam.

When Badshah asks the boy about his origin, he confidently introduces himself as Shadymellow and proudly claims to belong to a renowned, yet elusive tribe from Assam.

In another promo of MTV Hustle Season 3.0 (29-10-2023), there's this amazing girl who spits fire with her deep and meaningful lyrics, leaving Badshah and the other judges in awe.

After hearing her rap and recognizing her immense talent, Badshah couldn't help but ask where she had been all these years, leaving the contestant blushing.

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