MTV Hustle 5th November 2023 Written Update, Episode 6

MTV Hustle 5th November 2023 Written Update, Episode 6

MTV Hustle Season 3.0 5th November 2023 Written Update: Episode 6, Hustlers, Contestants, Squad Leaders, Best Performers, Watch the full show online on the Jio Cinema app This Week

MTV Hustle 5th November 2023 Written Update

Today's MTV Hustle 3.0 5th November 2023 starts with Badshah, Ikka, and Dino giving a collab performance to start the episode.

Further, Uday from Dee Dynamites gets on the stage and raps about his split personalities in the song 'Gayab' earning a radio hit buzzer from Badshah along with compliments from the special guests Sikander Khalon and Raga.

Shady Mellow graces the stage with his soul-filled voice and makes everyone emotional once again with his rap song 'Ladke Rote Nahi Hai' while earning a radio hit and speaker blasts.

Further, Ikka sends in Bob. B who gives a performance showing the perspective of a heartbroken girl, 'Chhalla' making everyone hold their heads in shock.

Shen B takes on the stage next and gets praise from everyone on the song 'Rok Lo' along with critical pieces of advice.

Burrah takes on the stage next and shocks everyone with his emotional yet inspiring rap about a better tomorrow earning praises from tomorrow along with a hope for something different in his raps.

Poet Shaf comes on the stage next and sings the rap 'Pichuk Dhoom' and gets praised for his unique rap but gets scolded for eating up his words. 

Vish comes on next and his 'Munde' and wooes the guest judges who state that they will put this on repeat at home.

Bassick comes on the stage and sings a sick rap on a folk beat but does not impress the squad leaders who do not understand what the story is about.

Badshah announces Mrunal as the performer of the week and EPR Rebels as the squad of the week while reminding the hustlers that the elimination will start form next week.

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MTV Hustle 3.0 5th November 2023 Episode Update

MTV Hustle is back with its third with new talents and hustlers and their unique representations. 

The latest promo for this weekend's Hustle Season 3 (5 November 2023) showcases talented rappers Sikandar Kahlon and Raga being the guest judges while the Squads compete against each other to win their hearts and a special Radio Ready Buzzer from Badshah.

Another promo of MTV Hustle Season 3.0 (05-11-2023) shows contestant Rap ID singing a song about Indians making everyone enthusiastic and happy.

After hearing his rap, Badshah and the guest judges go on to the stage to dance with him and grove to his rhythms.

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