MTV Hustle Season 3 11th November 2023 Written Update, Episode 7

MTV Hustle Season 3 11th November 2023 Written Update, Episode 7

MTV Hustle Season 3.0 11th November 2023 Written Update: Episode 7, Hustlers, Contestants, Squad Leaders, Best Performers, Watch the full show online on the Jio Cinema app This Week, Diwali Special

MTV Hustle 11th November 2023 Written Update

Today's MTV Hustle 3.0 11th November 2023 starts with all the gang leaders encouraging their squads for their theme which is one-line punch liners and lyricism.

Further, Badshah welcomes everyone on the stage revealing that they are celebrating their festival, BYOB which is Bring Your Own Bars, Bring Your Own Beats, Bring Your Own Bangers.

EPR, known as the king of punch liners gets on the stage and performs a goosebumps-evoking performance.

Wicked Sunny and Super Manik get on the stage and announce that the hustlers will have to fight for the radio hit buzzers since the eliminations are starting this week.

Prince, The Artist Singh from Dee Dynamites gets on the stage and kills the beat with his 'Aur Chilla' performance and easily earns the radio hit buzzer.

Kayden Sharma from Ikka Gangsters gets on the stage next and performs 'Laundpana Samajraha' earning himself another radio hit buzzer.

Dino Warrior sends in Bassick and his performance of 'Chale Zor' impresses everyone, stating that this is what they wanted from him.

Vijay Dada from Dino Warriors sets fire on the stage with his performance of 'Pin Number 43' earning a once more from Badshah along with Radio Hit Buzzer.

Ikka sends in hustler Bob. B, who sings his first Hindi Rap 'Bagawat' which makes all the squad leaders happy.

Dee MC sends in Shen B next and he sings 'Zara Hatt Ja' but does not earn a Radio Hit Buzzer.

Vish from EPR Rebels comes on the stage next and makes everyone emotional with his performance of 'New Day' but loses points due to not being able to complete his performance.

Badal from Ikka Gangsters gets on the stage and performs 'Paaya Main' and gets advice to get out of the comfort zone and start taking risks.

Lastly, Gaush from Ikka Rebels gains everyone's attention once again with her energy-packed performance of 'Energy'.

End of Today's MTV Hustle 3.0 11th November 2023 Episode.

MTV Hustle 3.0 11th November 2023 Episode Update

MTV Hustle is back with its third with new talents and hustlers and their unique representations. 

The latest promo for this weekend's Hustle 3 (11 November 2023) showcases talented rappers giving their raw performances to get the best reaction from the squad leaders as well as Badshah.

Another promo of MTV Hustle Season 3.0 (11-11-2023) shows contestant Rap ID singing a song that impresses everyone and makes the mood.

After hearing his rap, Badshah and the guest judges go on to the stage to dance with him and grove to his rhythms.

To get to know more, download all Hustle Season 3 episodes, or to watch the Hustle Season 3 2023 full show online, go to the Jio Cinema app or 

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