Muskaan Written Update 14th December 2019: Ronak rebukes Nisha

Muskaan Written Update 14th December 2019: Ronak rebukes Nisha

Muskaan 14th December 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Muskaan 14 Dec episode starts with Muskaan repeating that she will not leave without meeting Ronak. She remembers Roshni and rushes to help her.

Nisha gets worried about Khushi and asks her about her illness. Meanwhile, Roshni gets angry at Muskaan for leaving her alone.

Muskaan says she can never leave her and promises to not leave her. Babuji arrives and Roshni asks him to give her a gun so that she can kill her father and Muskaan.

Muskaan enquires about Ronak while he mocks her. Later, Ronak learns about Khushi’s illness and rushes out of the temple to meet Khushi.

Ronak gets mad at Nisha for lying to him and snaps at her. Nisha wonders what would happen if Ronak gets to know about Muskaan.

Later, Muskaan is compelled to dance in the bar. A guy approaches Muskaan and wants her to perform at his wedding. Muskaan refuses to dance while Bauji says he will decide about it.

Nisha receives the letter left by Muskaan. She hides the letter from Ronak but it still gets in his hands. Ronak doesn’t open it and apologizes to Nisha for being rude to her.

Nishan gets the paper back and later gets worried about Muskaan spoiling her married life. Meanwhile, Muskaan thinks Roshni also has a right to stay with her father.

The written update of 14 December 2019 Muskaan episode full story ends.

Upcoming Muskan episode update: Nisha asks Muskaan to return in Ronak and Khushi’s life.

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