Muskaan Written Update 16th November 2019: Muskaan's first day at school

Muskaan Written Update 16th November 2019: Muskaan's first day at school

Muskaan 16th November 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Muskaan 16 Nov episode starts with Roshni telling Muskaan that Pintu can draw her husband’s photograph. Muskaan tells Pintu about Raunak’s features.

Muskaan wants to go to school on foot but Roshni asks her to go by taxi. Later, Roshni also decides to accompany Muskaan to her first day at school.

Roshni goes to meet Teerath Singh and receives a container to give Mondal Babu. She tells him indirectly about Muskaan.

Meanwhile, Raunak asks for Khushi’s transfer certificates. He further asks for a guarantee of Khushi’s safety. Later, Muskaan starts teaching art and craft and introduces herself.

At the same time, the principal offers to show the school environment to Raunak. In the classroom, Khushi’s hairs get opened by some other kid while Muskaan offers to help.

Later, the security guard threatens to throw Roshni out of school while Muskaan rushes to help her. At the same time, Raunak enters Khushi’s classroom and learns the teacher opened Khushi’s braid.

Later, Roshni threatens the security guard while Muskaan defends her. Roshni runs away with her bag while Raunak asks Khushi to come along with him.

Khushi wishes to stay in the same school and Raunak agrees. Muskaan and Raunak are unable to meet while Roshni and Pintu try to make a poster of Muskaan’s husband.

The written update of 16 November 2019 Muskaan episode full story ends.

Upcoming Muskan episode update: Roshni apologizes to Muskaan for getting angry at her. 

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