Muskaan Written Update 25th May 2019

Muskaan Written Update 25th May 2019

Muskaan 25th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Muskaan 25 May episode starts with Sriji. He is infuriated on Muskaan and Rohan. Tara talks to him in Chess language and suggests a way out. Sriji understands Tara’s signal.

Here, Rohan accompanies Muskaan to the college. Muskaan says she can help in earning money by teaching children. Rohan says he would arrange for the place.

Meanwhile, Gayatri and Bua learn that Deependra and Bunty have started a new business. Sriji has helped Deependra and Bunty in starting the business.

Rohan and Hanumaan arrange for kids and coaching place. Muskaan gets surprised to see the coaching arrangements.

Sriji starts his drama once again in front of Gayatri. He forced Gayatri to come along, but Muskan and Rohan come on time and stop Sriji.

Sriji starts asking Rohan where he would get money for food and shelter. Muskaan hands over the coaching money to Gayatri.

Gayatri bashes Sriji for making unnecessary efforts. She asks Deependra and Bunty to return the vehicles, but they deny. They express their wish to go with Sriji. Bunty advises Bua to come along, but Bua denies.

At night, Deependra and Bunty get surprised to see Tara. They ask Sriji about Tara. Sriji instructs Deependra and Bunty to keep their mouth shut. He forbids them to ask any question.

    The written update of 25 May 2019 Muskaan episode full story ends.

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