Muskaan Written Update 30th November 2019: Ronak to take a stand

Muskaan Written Update 30th November 2019: Ronak to take a stand

Muskaan 30th November 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Muskaan 30 Nov episode starts with Muskaan getting called in the principal office and getting accused of not taking care of the kids. She reveals that Khushi’s books were torn.

She asks Muskaan to apologize to the parents of Khushi and convince them to not change Khushi’s school. She gets the address for principal and agrees to go.

She comes outside and searches for Roshni. She arrives at the bar to search for Roshni and ask Sudha. Muskaan learns from some other girls that Roshni is going to get something that every girl desires.

She finds Roshni with Sudha doing dance practice. Muskaan doesn’t want Roshni to do such kind of dance while Babuji arrives and says Roshni has the talent.

Meanwhile, Ronak asks Khushi if she is not happy in the school while she is happy with the school and teachers. Ronak enquires from Nisha why she wants Khushi to leave the school.

Nisha says she just told what she observed in the school. At the same time, Muskaan doesn’t want Babuji to spoil Roshni’s life like he did with her.

Babuji asks Muskaan to dance in the place of Roshni. She is sure that he will not win while Babuji threatens to send her to jail.

Later, Muskaan burns both hers and Roshni’s dance clothes. Roshni asks Sudha to bring new clothes as Babuji will get angry. Ronak decides to meet everyone at Khushi’s school especially Meera Ma’am.

The written update of 30 November 2019 Muskaan episode full story ends.

Upcoming Muskan episode update: Muskaan arrives with Roshni at Ronak’s place. 

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