Muskaan Written Update 31st December 2019: Sir Ji promises Nisha

Muskaan Written Update 31st December 2019: Sir Ji promises Nisha

Muskaan 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Muskaan 31 Dec episode starts with Muskaan asking to replay the music. She again starts dancing while Ronak gets angry and removes the plug.

The people in the bar get angry while Ronak throws money at them. Muskaan wants Ronak to return home but Ronak tells her how he can’t live without her.

Nisha wishes to meet Babuji to keep Ronak and Muskaan away. Meanwhile, Muskaan tells Ronak that Sir Ji will ask Roshni to dance if she doesn’t.

Nisha requests Babuji to help her remove Muskaan from Ronak’s life. Babuji supports Nisha and promises to bring her close to Ronak.

Nisha also agrees to do whatever Babuji says. Meanwhile, Ronak assures Muskaan that he will not let Roshni enter the dirty world.

Ronak lifts Muskaan up and takes her from that place. He makes her sit in the car and brings her home. At the same time, Nisha tells Maami that Muskaan will never come in the house.

Nisha gets shocked to see Muskaan with Ronak. Roshni gets rude with Muskaan and decides to leave the house. She wishes to stay with Babuji.

Roshni starts hitting Ronak while Ronak manipulates Roshni. He tells Roshni that he will send Babuji in jail and will get him beaten.

Nisha hugs Muskaan and gives her the keys to the house. However, Muskaan refuses to accept the keys and wishes to be with just her daughters.

The written update of 31 December 2019 Muskaan episode full story ends.

Upcoming Muskan episode update: Roshni enquires from Babuji if Ronak is his son. 

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