Muskaan Written Update 4th January 2020: Muskaan-Ronak to remarry

Muskaan Written Update 4th January 2020: Muskaan-Ronak to remarry

Muskaan 4th January 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Muskaan 4 Jan episode starts with Roshni asking Khushi why she is crying. She further tries to console her while she misses her parents. Roshni takes her outside and listens to Babuji’s conversation with Nisha.

Nisha gives jewelry and cash to him and asks to get Ronak and Khushi back. Babuji wants to destroy Ronak and wishes to send Roshni in the bar.

He asks Nisha to take Khushi along with her and knows Ronak will follow them. Roshni and Khushi decide to run and Nishan learns that they have heard everything.

Nisha asks Khushi to go along with her to Ronak. Khushi refuses to go with her but she takes her forcefully. Roshni tells Gayatri that Nisha is about to take Khushi.

Gayatri asks Nisha to not trust Babuji while Nisha wants her family back. Roshni runs with Khushi and tries to call Muskaan. However, Babuji arrives and takes the phone.

Muskaan gets suspicious and wants to reach home as early as possible. Babuji takes both Khushi and Roshni along with him while he even leaves Nisha.

Muskaan and Ronak follow them while Roshni and Khushi are loaded in a truck. Ronak and Muskaan fight with Babuji and police arrive to arrest him.

Nisha apologizes and decides to leave their house. Later, Roshni and Khushi wish to see their marriage while Ronak and Muskaan get married performing all rituals.

The written update of 4 January 2020 Muskaan episode full story ends.

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