Naagin 3 Written Update 12th May 2019: Tamsi puts Mihir in danger

Naagin 3 Written Update 12th May 2019: Tamsi puts Mihir in danger

Naagin 3 12th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Naagin 3 12 May episode starts with Shravani heading towards her parents’ house. Sumitra, Tamsi, Rohini, and Alekh reach out to Shravani and corner her.

Shravani refuses to help them in getting the Naagmani free from the curse. Tamsi threatens her that she will kill her family members if she will not follow their instructions.

Bela attacks them using her venom and runs away. Tamsi, Alekh, and Rohini follow her. Bela comes to Sehgal house to check if Mihir and his parents are fine.

Shravani later rushes towards her parents’ house. She gets shattered on seeing their dead bodies lying covered in blood.

Tamsi and Sumitra mock at Shravani. Shravani fumes in anger and pushes Tamsi away. She throttles Sumitra and counts her sins.

Tamsi attacks Shravani and runs away. Shravani follows them. Vishaka comes to Shravani and informs that Mihir is in a critical state.

Shravani rushes towards the Sehgal house and comes to Mihir’s room. Shravani tells the family members that a snake has bitten Mihir.

Tamsi and Sumitra manipulate Mihir’s parents against Shravani. original written update. Tamsi shows the video of Shravani’s Naagin avatar to the family members to prove that she bit Mihir.

Later in Nagin 3, the guards throw Shravani out of the house on Samarjeet’s instructions. Shravani somehow manages to come again.

Tamsi tells Shravani that she pulled out Mihir’s soul from his body and now he is just a body of flesh with no life.

Tamsi tells Shravani that Mihir’s life is with a bird. She states to her that the bird must be in the temple where Naagmani is hidden.

Now in Nagin3, Mihir comes out of the house. Samarjeet and Kalyani try to stop him but fail. Shravani comes to them and convinces them to trust her.

Shravani tells Vishaka and Vikrant that she will go to Rahasyamayi temple to bring back Mihir’s soul.

Vishaka and Vikrant try to stop her but fail. She asks them to promise her to save Mihir’s life.

Vishaka and Vikrant follow Mihir and try to stop him. Vikrant sees Sumitra and Tamsi pointing a gun towards Mihir.

Tamsi tells Sumitra that she has a special bullet of ‘akaal mrityu’ to kill Mihir. Vikrant saves Mihir by pushing him away. He takes the bullet on himself.

Vikrant dies in Vishaka’s arms.

The written update of 12 May 2019 Naagin3 episode full story ends.

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