Naagin 3 Written Update 25th May 2019: Shesha is the mastermind

Naagin 3 Written Update 25th May 2019: Shesha is the mastermind

Naagin 3 25th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nagin 3 25 May episode starts with Sumitra warning Ritik and Rocky to follow her instructions. She tells Tamsi that someone is coming to purchase Naagmani.

Yamini enters the picture. She comes to win over the Naagmani.

Shravani questions Shivangi where she was all the time. Shivangi says she was in the Rahasyamayi temple and has returned only for her.

Shivangi tells Shravani that she will protect her by all means because she is the Naagrani of the entire Naag clan.

Shravani tells Shivangi that we will have to kill all the enemies of Naagmani. Shivangi says she cannot kill her father and husband. Vishaka says she will kill them.

Yamini comes to meet Sumitra and her allies. Yamini gives a huge amount of cash to Sumitra in return of the Naagmani.

Tamsi fumes in anger on losing the Naagmani. Yamini asks Sumitra to bring Shivangi to her so that she can torture her.

Later in Nagin 3, Mihir and Vishaka show a book to Shravani and Shivangi. Rohini and Alekh come to take Shravani, Shivangi, Mahir, and Vishaka.

Vishaka and Mahir hide the book. Meanwhile, Vishaka tears off a page from the book secretly.

Sumitra introduces Yamini to Shivangi. Yamini and Sumitra curse Shivangi and Shravani respectively.

Vishaka requests Sumitra to let her meet Shravani once before she dies. Vishaka shows the page to Shravani and also loosens the rope she is tied to.

Yamini tortures Shivangi by touching the Naagmani to her body. Before she could stab Shivangi, a storm comes.

Shravani manages to free herself. Sumitra catches her and tries to kill her with the dagger. ( Mahir frees himself and stabs Sumitra.

Mahir gets into an ugly fight with Ritik and Rocky. Shravani and Vishaka compel Sumitra and Tamsi to run away. Meanwhile, Shivangi attacks Yamini.

Shivangi turns Yamini into ashes with the help of Naagmani. Ritik and Rocky plead in front of Shivangi to forgive them.

Shivangi asks Ritik and Rocky to take the Naagmani and kill her. Ritik and Rocky take the Naagmani.

Later in Nagin3, Shravani comes and stops Rocky. The Naagmani turns into a stone. Shravani tells Shivangi that the guys are imposters of Ritik and Rocky.

She states that Ritik and Rocky never killed her. Shivangi questions the imposters about their identity. Ritik and Rocky merge into one and turn into Shesha.

Shesha admits that she killed her disguised as Rocky. Shesha and Shivangi turn into their Naagin avatars and indulge in a fight. Shesha vanishes.

The written update of 25 May 2019 Naagin3 episode full story ends.

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