Naagin 3 Written Update 26th May 2019: Shravani becomes the Naagrani

Naagin 3 Written Update 26th May 2019: Shravani becomes the Naagrani

Naagin 3 26th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update:

Today's Nagin 3 26 May episode starts with Shivangi sharing her pain of not being able to find her father and husband with Shravani.

She says she has lost all hopes to find them.

Mihir comes there along with Ritik and Rocky.

He tells Shravani that Shesha locked Ritik and Rocky in the basement area of the Rahasyamayi temple.

Shivangi apologizes to Ritik and Rocky for mistaking them to be her murderers.

Ritik counters her by saying not to feel guilty as it was all a misunderstanding.

Ritik says he will die now as he doesn’t have a reason to live.

Shravani says we can bring Ritik’s love back to give him a reason to live.

Shravani uses the powers of Naagmani to bring Shivanya back.

Shivanya comes to Ritik and says that now we can leave this world together.

Ritik takes his last breath in Shivanya’s arms( He turns into his young self and hugs Shivanya. Ritik and Shivanya walk away happily.

Alekh and Rohini try to run away but Vishaka kills them.

Later in Nagin 3, Rocky questions Shivangi if she ever doubted him. Shivangi says she always loved him.

Rocky requests Shivangi to take him along with her.

Before leaving, Shivangi crowns Shravani as the Naagrani of the Naagvansh and the savior of the Naagmani.

Shivangi leaves with Rocky to live with him happily. Mahir, Shravani, and Vishaka celebrate their happiness.

 The written update of 26 May 2019 Naagin3 episode full story ends.

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