Naagin 3 Written Update 26th May 2019: Shravani kills enemies; Saves Naagmani

Naagin 3 Written Update 26th May 2019: Shravani kills enemies; Saves Naagmani

Nagin 3 26th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

The  Naagin 3 26 May episode starts with Shesha coming out and saying that the war is still not over.

Shravani shares her worry with Vishaka. She states to Vishaka that she feels that the war is not over yet as she has a lot of doubts hovering her thoughts.

Shravani requests Lord Shiva’s idol to give an answer to her questions.

Sumitra and Tamsi come to the jungle. Shesha comes there. They team up and rush towards Shravani to get the Naagmani from her.

A saint comes to Shravani to answer her questions. He narrates the entire story of Samudra Manthan to Shravani and Vishaka.

He tells them that the Naagmani enemies not just want the Naagmani but also want to kill the Naagrani. The saint instructs Shravani that she will have to save herself as well as the Naagmani.

The saint tells Shravani that the Naagmani is safe only for the next fifty Poornima nights post which the safety cover will be destroyed.

Shravani comes to the Sehgal house dressed as a bride.

Shravani and Mihir get ready to exchange the wedding vows. Sumitra, Tamsi, and Shesha come there. Shravani brings them to the Rahasyamayi temple.

Shravani states that she will kill them to save the Naagmani forever. Shravani holds Sumitra in her clutches.

Shesha manages to free Sumitra. Shravani gets her special weapon and stabs Sumitra. Shravani kills Sumitra. She then attacks Shesha and Tamsi and kills them too.

Vishaka comes there. Shravani tells her that now the Naagmani will be safe forever as she has killed all the Naagmani enemies.

The Naagin 3 written update of May 26, 2019 episode full story ends.

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