Naagin 3 Written Update 4th May 2019: Bela gets Naagrani signs

Naagin 3 Written Update 4th May 2019: Bela gets Naagrani signs

Naagin 3 4th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nagin 3 4 May episode starts with Mihir and Shravani staring at each other. The two share an adorable conversation.

Ambar Bua comes to Mihir’s house. Samarjeet inquires about DM from her. Ambar gets angry and curses DM.

She says she can never trust DM and her intentions. Samarjeet tries hard to convince her but fails. Sumitra aka DM returns home.

Mihir, Tanya, and others come back home. Mihir informs them that they visited the Naag haveli.

DM asks Mihir if he saw or heard anything strange inside the haveli.

Sumitra doubts if Mihir is regaining his memory or if Bela is coming back.

Shravani gets stuck in the jungle. She falls down in a pit. She gets surrounded by snakes.

Suddenly, the snakes vanish from the pit when they see Shravani’s strange eyes.

Sumitra meets Rohini and Alekh. She states that we will hide the truth of Bela’s entry in Mihir’s life from Tamsi.

Tamsi calls Sumitra and her allies for a meeting. Though, she avoids speaking anything to them.

Sumitra talks to Alekh and Rohini and tells them that she fears that Tamsi is aware of Bela’s return.

Later in Nagin3, Mihir finds Tanya crying and comes to console her.

Tanya says her parents want her to come back to London. She says that her parents want them to get married.

Mihir says he considers her to be his friend only and so he cannot marry her. Tanya says then she will go back to London.

Mohit, Kanika, and Samarjeet are trying to convince Mihir to marry Tanya. Mihir refuses. Kanika asks DM to convince Mihir.

Sumitra feels that if Mihir will marry Tanya then Bela will be left all alone and she can defeat her easily.

While doing her chores, Shravani notices snake scales on her body. She gets shocked when her skin starts peeling off.

The written update of 4 May 2019 Naagin3 episode full story ends.

Upcoming Naagin season 3 episode update: Shravani turns 25 years old. Mihir tells DM about his strange dream.

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