Naagin 5 7th November 2020 Written Update: Bani's identity to be revealed

Naagin 5 7th November 2020 Written Update: Bani's identity to be revealed

Naagin 5 7th November 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nagin 5 7 November 2020 episode starts with Bani getting surprised to know that Veer saved her and Jai during the plane crash. She recalls all the moments when Veer genuinely cared for her.

Shukla informs Jai that Bani and Veer are about to reach Sarpili Pahadi. Further, Veer asks Bani to follow him to the Pahadi.

Jai and Shukla wait for Veer to step on the bomb, while Bani senses bombs near Veer and screams at Jai for lying to her.

Veer steps on the bomb and all the bomb exploded near him. Bani and Veer rush from that place and a huge number of snakes follow them.

Jai takes both of them to Markaat’s place and says that he will kill both of them as a gift to Markaat.

Mayuri and Shukla push Jai towards Markaat, while Markaat warns Jai to bring the Aadi Naagin to her.

Later, Jai meets Bani and shouts at him for saving Veer from the bomb blast. Bani says that she saved Veer because he saved her from the plane crash.

Bani tells Jai that she has dropped her plan of killing Veer for some time. She orders Jai as an Aadi Naagin and asks him to stay away from Veer.

Singhaniyas welcomes Devi Maa during Navratri and Bani tells Mayuri that she will perform the Aarti being the daughter-in-law.

Mayuri pushes Bani to the side and takes her peacock avatar. (tellybest wu) Bani takes her Naagin avatar and they both get into an argument.

Veer finds Bani standing behind the curtain and she stabs knife on Veer’s chest. Meanwhile, real Bani gets into a physical fight with Mayuri.

Veer gets shocked to see Bani as a Naagin, while real bani feels that Veer is in danger. Fake Bani reveals to Veer that she is Sarvashresth Aadi Naagin.

Veer recalls his past life when he was Aakesh. He regains his memory and recalls that he was in love with Naageshwari.

Real Bani bites Mayuri with her tongue and this makes Mayuri get unconscious.

Bani gets to know that Jai disguised as her to kill Veer, while Singhaniyas come there and Bani’s Naagin identity is revealed in front of them.

Veer informs Balwant that Bani is Sarvashresth Aadi Naagin. Balwant orders his Cheel family to kill Bani right at that moment.

Veer takes a stand for Bani and stops his family from hurting Bani. He tells his family to kill Jai, while Bani threatens Singhaniyas not to even touch Jai.

Bani decides to leave that house and Veer says that he cannot live without her. Veer tells Bani that they have a strong connection between them.

The written update of 7 November 2020 Nagin 5 episode full story ends.

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