Naagin 5 Written Update 13th September 2020: Bani kills Veer

Naagin 5 Written Update 13th September 2020: Bani kills Veer

Naagin 5 13th September 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nagin 5 13 Sep episode starts with Bani arriving at Singhaniyas house along with her family. Bani meets Jai’s family and impresses them in the first go.

Mathur's gets uncomfortable to meet Singhaniyas, while Veer announces a dance competition between Singhaniyas and Sharma. Veer flirts with Bani, and Jai arrives there and holds Bani’s hand in front of Veer.

Later, Jai says that he will have a round of couple dance with Bani, while Veer asks Meera to dance with him. Bani-Jai and Meera-Veer dance on a romantic song, while Veer gives a signal to turn off the lights.

Veer takes the advantage of the power cut and hugs Bani forcefully. Jai gets angry with Veer and pushes him away from Bani. Jai punches Veer on his face and Bani gets worried about Jai turning into his Naag avatar.

She asks Jai to calm down, while Balwant asks Veer to stop fighting. Jai’s family decides to leave the Singhaniya mansion but Veer asks them to enjoy the function.

Later, Veer orders his brothers to kidnap Jai Mathur. Bani adds her poison the Henna and informs Jai that the poison will burn Veer’s hands.

Bani gives the Henna bowl to Veer and he goes to apply the poisonous Heena on Meera’s hands. Meanwhile, Jai’s grandmother feels unwell and Jai goes to get her medicines from the car.

Veer’s brothers kidnap Jai and leaves from there. Meera gets worried and asks Bani to execute her plan before marriage.

Meera gets suspicious of Veer and his brothers and tells Bani to check if something is wrong. Bani gets worried about not finding Jai anywhere. She sees Jai’s location on her phone, while Veer throws Jai down from the top of the mountain.

Bani reaches there in her Naagin avatar and rushes to save Jai. ( wu) She starts crying as she couldn’t find Jai anywhere. She comes back to the Singhaniya mansion and holds the collar of Veer and starts pushing him with anger for killing Jai.

Veer takes his Cheel avatar to disclose his identity in front of Bani, while Bani tells him that she already knows about his identity.

Bani takes her Naagin avatar and Veer gets shocked to see her like this. Veer attacks on Bani and this Bani gets happy as Veer attacked her first.

They both get into a heated fight, while Bani throws the chandelier on Veer and he dies. Bani feels guilty for not saving the love of her life even after ten thousand years.

Later, she gets shocked to see Veer entering from the door and thinks if she has killed any innocent.

The written update of 13 September 2020 Nagin 5 episode full story ends.

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