Naagin 6 11th February 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 11th February 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 11th February 2023 Written Update

Today's Naagin 6 11 February 2023 episode starts with Parthna picking up her clothes from Raghu’s room when she hears footsteps coming.

As Parthna hides behind some curtains, she notices Raghu opening his shirt and her cheeks turn red due to embarrassment.

Raghuveer who is busy on call does not notice Parthna’s gaze on him and when he removes the curtain, he and Parthna land on top of each other.

Both get lost in each other’s eyes while Parthna points at Raghu’s abs through her eyes and Raghuveer stands up quickly.

Meheck looses the naag-manis

Raghuveer scolds Parthna for entering his room like a thief who in return accuses him of doing a dress change in front of her eyes.

Later, Raghuveer takes the nine naagmanis along with some necklaces from Meheck’s wardrobe to show Vinay’s old client.

After Raghu walks away, Parthna enters Meheck’s room in search for naag manis but hides quickly as she hears Meheck and Seema entering.

Seema asks Meheck if she has discussed the deal with Yudi to which Meheck replies that she has already done this.

When Seema worries about Maha Shesh Naagin, Meheck assures her that Parthna is just a snake right now without her power.

Meheck even circles around Parthna using her hand and throws Parthna to the floor.

Prathna traps Meheck 

Once Parthna returns to her human avatar, Meheck and Seema mock her but Parthna does not utter any words.

Afterward, while Raghuveer is walking out with some necklace boxes, Meheck gets horrified as Raghu has naagmanis with him.

Parthna is passing the balcony when she notices Meheck’s pale face and quickly figures out that Raghu has naagmanis.

Parthna traps Meheck in a "naagpash" using some yellow rays that Meheck cannot break.

She walks away from there after ordering Meheck to stay here while she gets the naagmanis in a sarcastic tone.

Meanwhile, Raghuveer is driving through a jungle when Parthna appears there in her Maha Shesh Naagin look and starts pulling the car with her long tail.

Parthna chooses love

As Raghu comes out to check, Parthna goes to take the naagmanis but Meheck also puts her hand on them at the same time.

With a cheeky smile, Meheck reveals how Seema sprinkled some magic water on the naagpash resulting in the snakes burning.

Parthna snatches the naagmanis away while Meheck gazes at her with a defeated look.

Meheck attacks Raghuveer and wraps him in her snake tail saying that maybe Parthna has naagmani now but her husband will die.

However, Parthna starts fighting with Meheck, causing Raghuveer to think that this golden snake has always come to save him.

After Raghu safely drives away, Meheck tells Parthna with a smirk that today she has chosen her love over naagmani.

Seema joins Meheck and Parthna with naagmanis and informs Parthna that naagmani belongs to her only with a smirk.

Parthna announces fiercely that she will get the naagmani very soon which makes Seema and Meheck laugh sarcastically.

King Takshak is alive

On one hand, Parthna goes to Naag Mahal as she feels lost without King Takshak’s guidance; on the other hand, Meheck and Seema go to meet Yudi.

Meheck informs Yudi that soon he will own the nine unique naagmanis and she will be awarded a lot of money.

Yudi reveals that he will take nine naagmani outside this country to which Parthna replies that she will also shift Abroad as the whole Naaglok is looking for her.

Meanwhile, in Naag Mahal, Parthna gets ecstatic to see King Takshak being in perfect health.

King Takshak reveals that he used his Shesh Naag family power to rejuvenate himself.

As Parthna explains to King Takshak about Meheck’s plan to sell the nine Naagmani outside the country, King Takshak announces that if the naagmanis leave this country then the world will be destroyed.

King Takshak adds that everything is in order in this world until the naagmani are inside Maha Shesh Naagin’s belly or in Lord Shiva's temple. 

When Parthna worriedly states that they need to stop the naag manis from smuggling, King Takshak orders her to meet Maha Shesh Naag.

Parthna's quest to find Maha Shesh Naag

He reveals that Maha Shesh Naag is residing under the earth after his mausoleum and only a Maha Shesh Naagin can go there.

Parthna walks away after announcing that she will meet Maha Shesh Naag to save the naagmanis.

While Seema, Meheck, and Yudi are discussing their next meet-up at the night, Parthna is swimming through the sea in a normal snake avatar to meet Maha Shesh Naag.

After a lot of searching Parthna is unable to find Maha Shesh Naag so she goes to Lord Vishnu's temple to ask for help.

Parthna starts doing aarti while begging him for help as Shesh Naag is Vishnu's friend.

On the other hand, Meheck cooks up a sob story about finishing Vinay's last wish by doing this deal when Raghuveer asks her why she has organized a party.

As Meheck shows Raghu the naagmanis, Raghu comments that it feels like the mani has fallen from the sky and Seema reveals that they are naag mani.

Raghu gets surprised but Meheck lies that this is just a myth and even advises Raghu to take some rest.

Meanwhile, Yudi arrives there with his gang and demands the naagmanis but Meheck urges him to enjoy the beautiful girls' dance sometime.

Meheck even mutters that at midnight the naagmanis power will be low so then she will give them to Yudi.

Parthna meets Maha Shesh Naag

In the meantime, Kaliya Naag, Vasuki Naag, King Takshak, and some other Naags meet Parthna in the temple while she dances to please Lord Vishnu.

Answering Parthna's prayer, Lord Vishnu orders Maha Shesh Naag to meet Parthna and Maha Shesh Naag nods.

Afterward, in the temple, Maha Shesh Naag reveals to Parthna that nature has created two daughters and one son of him using his poison so his son will only help Parthna.

As Parthna begs Maha Shesh Naag to help, Maha Shesh Naag states that he himself does not know where his son is but he cannot break his "Samadhi".

Back in the Gujral mansion, Tina tells Raghuveer about Meheck turning into a witch during his absence prompting Raghu to think that maybe the things he is seeing are a lie and the truth is hidden.

Meanwhile, Maha Shesh Naag bids farewell to Parthna causing her to get more confused.

Later, Parthna says that she knows Lord Shiva is with her so she will face whatever hardel comes to her way.

When Parthna arrives at the Gujral mansion, she faces Yeti and starts fighting with it while Yudi watches from a distance.

Inside the mansion, Yudi gives Meheck and Seema a suitcase full of money which lights up Meheck's face like a little kid who has gotten candy.

End of today's 11th February 2023 Naagin 6 written update.

Naagin 6 11th February 2023 Episode Update

In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, Prathna will discover the mystery of Blue Naagin! 

The current track of Naagin 6, revolves around Prarthana burning in the flames of revenge to acquire the nine naagmanis that she gave to Shesha.

Meanwhile, Vinay is dead and Raghuveer thinks that it is Prarthana's doing.

According to the latest spoiler of Naagin 6, Shesha & Vishaka will question who this Blue Naagin is who keeps beating them up.

As per the upcoming twist of this supernatural show, this blue Naagin is an actual Naag and none other than Raghuveer who is gifted since childhood.

Could Raghuveer be the Maha Shesh Naag? 

Let us see what happens when Prathna discovers that her Raghu is also a part of the snake world like hers in the future episodes of Naagin 6.

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