Naagin 6 11th June 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 11th June 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 11th June 2023 Written Update: Naagin 6 written update

Naagin 6 11th June 2023 Written Update

Today's Naagin 6 11th June 2023 episode starts with Pragati standing at a corner of the Gujral mansion with a sulking look on her face.

Pragati becomes Prarthana

She does not understand why she is getting weird flashbacks in this house when Raghav starts playing a romantic song for everyone.

As Raghav starts singing for Pragati, she tries to walk away from the place but Raghav holds her hand.

At the same time, the whole Gujral mansion suddenly catches fire which causes Pragati’s head to start pounding and the memories of Prarthna dying start flashing in front of her eyes.

Raghav screams at Pragati, asking her to come out of the living room while Pragati finds herself frozen at one spot as she realizes that it is her rebirth.

He then picks Pragati up in his arms as he notices a big chandelier is going to fall on Pragati’s body and Pragati loses her consciousness.,

When she wakes up from her unconscious state, she realizes that she is back at her parents’ house and Vidushi informs everyone that Raghav has rescued her.

Mridula and Mr. Ayaar repeatedly ask Pragati if she is okay while Pragati just stares at the ceiling without saying anything.

She excuses herself from everyone claiming that she has to use the washroom and before anyone says anything to her, she runs to the bathroom.

Entering the washroom, Pragati turns on the shower as she starts sobbing for her lost family and then she promises herself that she will take revange on Meheck and Swarna for killing her family members.

She announces in agony that Maha Shesh Naagin is back now to take revenge on Meheck so she sneaks out of the house to observe Meheck's family.

Pragati faces failure

Meanwhile, Meheck and Swarna get stunned to hear the Gujral mansion caught fire and Swarna expresses her suspicion of it being linked to Prarthna's death which Meheck brushes off.

As Meheck, Swarna, and Raghav are talking in the kitchen, Pragati arrives in the house and she gets shocked to learn that Ragahv is Swarna's son.

She assumes that Swarna has betrayed Ajay so she decides in her mind that she will make sure Swarna and Meheck realize what it feels like to lose a child and that Meheck will cry blood tears.

As planned, Pragati attacks Raghav when he is driving on the empty road at late night but before she can throw the unconscious Raghav into the fire, Prarthna appears in front of her.

Prarthna questions Pragati if she is really planning to kill an innocent and Pragati lets Rgahav go after realizing her mistake.

Pragati then goes to Naagmahal where she meets King Takshak who informs her that she needs to control her anger as she is not Maha Shesh Naagin yet.

King Takshak states that Pragati does not know how to change her face so she needs to train first.

As Pragati looks desperate, he further informs her that Maha Shesh Naag has also been born which means Pragati has to find him.

Chaos in Gujral mansion

He makes Pragati understand that the new Maha Shesh Naag will have the same gun mark on his body like Raghu and Pragati promises to find him at cost.

On the other hand, Meheck fixes Raghav's marriage with a girl named Riya whose father is a producer while Swarna feels as if something is wrong in this house.

Meanwhile, Pragati once again returns to the Gujral mansion to spy on Meheck by hiding in a box that Vidushi brings to the Gujral mansion for renovation work.

Pragati's eyes widen as she finds out that Ajay is still alive and Swarna is taking care of him.

Whereas a guy mixes something in Vidushi's drink which Vidushi drinks unconsciously and Vidushi gets dizzy.

In the meantime, Pragati is roaming in the house in her snake form when Freddi and Ishika find her and Ishika lock the snake in a trunk which then gets opened by Raghav.

End of Naagin 6 11th June 2023 Written Update.

Naagin 6 11th June 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, Pragati will rise to her full potential as Maha Shesh Naagin.

So far in the track of Naagin 6, Pragati is going through confusing flashbacks which are hazy.

She even finds Prarthna dancing with Raghu in the jungle but she does not understand why she is seeing these things.

Now as per the latest spoiler of Naagin 6, Pragati's car gets surrounded by many snake charmers.

The snake charmers start playing the tune which causes Pragati to come out of the car in a possessed state.

She starts dancing in the middle of the road and finally, she transforms herself into Maha Shesh Naagin.

Let's watch the future episodes of Naagin 6 to see how Meheck reacts when she sees Pragati and how Pragati's love story with Raghav starts.

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