Naagin 6 11th March 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 11th March 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 11th March 2023 Written Update

Today's Naagin 6 11th March 2023 episode starts with Meher urging Prarthna to come home with her so she can use her as a frying pan since she is too hot.

Prarthna just glares at Meher and walks out of the shop.

Later, that night, Prarthna announces that she will finish this fight in just three days only while Prashant researches those weird naagins.

Meet Katyayani- Prarthna's second daughter!

In Naaglok, King Takshak wishes Raghu happy Naagpanchmi while the other Naag-Naagins also join them.

Raghu has grown bread with a gloomy look on his face since he has almost forgotten smiling after Prarthna’s betrayal.

King Takshak then embraces Raghu in a hug but Raghu does not smile at all and when Katyayni, Raghu’s second daughter appears, a soft smile automatically brightens Raghu’s face.

Katyayni questions Raghu if he was planning to do the puja without her with mock anger on her face.

She even asks Raghu how he can stay without talking to her while Raghu apologizes to her for being busy always.

A glimpse into Raghu's life as king

Meanwhile, Padam Naag informs his daughter Trisha that they need to reveal to Raghu that someone is trying to harm their Naag-Naagins.

Trisha tries to counter Padma Naag by reminding him that Raghu will be in pain if he learns about this since he does not like to talk about Earth.

Padma Naag shuts Trisha saying that it is their duty to inform Raghu about this while Trisha lowers her eyes without saying anything as she does not want to argue with her father.

When Padma Naag reveals that a powerful Naagin is back who is on a killing spree and has killed many Naag-Naagins, Raghu dismisses this with a somber expression.

Raghu announces that this is not a serious issue yet in a commanding voice so no one objects to his decision except Swarna.

Swarna angrily states that she will go to check what is happening on the earth because she has a responsibility as a Naagin.

King Takshak orders Swarna to not do such a thing since it is not her responsibility while Raghu sternly announces that he will close the main entrance of Naaglok.

Swarna tries to argue with Raghu about this but Raghu reminds her that he is Maha Shesh Naag so he can do this.

Trisha loves Raghu!

Swarna feels her hands tied as she knows too well that she cannot go against Raghu and she stomps her feet while leaving.

On the other hand, Trisha and Mrighnaya discuss how Prarthna’s betrayal has changed Raghu’s happy persona and now he is just a gloomy person who does not smile anymore.

Mrighnayna says that she still cannot forget that day when Raghu returned to Naaglok with little Katyayni in his arms looking defeated.

In the flashback, Raghu arrives in the Naaglok drenched with water when he announces that he will never go back to Earth.

He reveals that he hates Prarthna who has killed his one child and from now on, he will be the dad and mom of her daughter.

Coming back in present, Trisha expresses her hatred toward Prarthna for making Rgahu gloomy and Mrighnayna tells her that now Raghu is a powerful Maha Shesh Naag.

Mrighnayana also appreciates Trisha for always standing beside Raghu and helping him raise Katyayani.

Prarthna's mission!

On the other hand, on Earth, Meher fakes falling from the still to get attention from Manjeet and her husband while she tries to hang a poster on the wall.

Manjeet and her husband start bickering with each other just like Meher wants and Meher's grandma scolds her for causing problems.

Meher says proudly that she is the cutest in the family so she deserves all the attention.

Just then, Prashant and Prarthna approach Manjeet asking for a room to live and Prashant introduces Prarthna as his sister.

Manjeet agrees to let Prarthna rent the room since she is grateful to her for saving her daughter Meher.

Afterward, Meher accompanies Prarthna during her dinner to annoy her and she tells Prarthna that she likes to eat paratha with chili powder which brings the memory of Raghu who also likes the same thing.

Back in Naaglok, Raghu smiles as he watches Katyayani telling her friends that she is Maha Sarvashreshta Shesh Naagin but when he offers her to eat paratha with chili powder, she confesses that she likes it with curd.

Raghu's facial expression turns to grim as he recalls Prarthna who also likes the same thing and he walks out of there.

Trisha likes Raghu!

He then enters his room where he meets Trisha who questions him if he is thinking about Prarthna and Raghu orders her to never take her name.

Raghu praises Trisha for being a mother figure to Katyayani but when Trisha comes close to him, he walks out of the room.

Trisha says that one day Raghu will make a place for her in his heart as she watches Raghu's figure disappear in the dark.

In the meantime, Tina meets Manjeet's family as Param's girlfriend but Prarthna and she does not see each other.

Later, Raghu feels upset recalling his sweet moments with Prarthna whereas Prarthna imagines Raghu dancing with her.

Raghu and Prarthna's face off

Prarthna comes out of her imagination when Meher arrives there to disturb her again.

Meher offers to sleep with Prarthna if she is feeling sleepy but Prarthna throws her out.

On the other hand, during the annual meeting, a wounded Naagin appears in the mansion to complain about Prarthna who is killing Naag-Naagin.

She falls unconscious after revealing that Maha Shesh Naagin is back from her Samadhi.

Raghu closes his eyes to see the past events and he fumes in anger as he realizes that Prarthna is back.

He then announces that he will go to earth to save Naag-Naagin from Prarthna's wrath.

Meanwhile, Prarthna decides to hunt down the weird Sapola Naagins to kill them.

She roams the jungle during her hunt when she notices two weird naagins.

She attacks them but Raghu comes to save them as Maha Shesh Naag avatar.

Prarthna and Raghu come face to face with each other when they take their human look for some time but Prarthna announces that Raghu will not be able to stop her.

End of 11th March 2023 Naagin 6 written update.

Naagin 6 11th March 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, Prarthna will fight the biggest fight of her life to save Bharat from grave danger.

So far in the episodes of Naagin 6, Prarthna has woken up from her samadhi to save Bharat from the weird snake babies who are attacking the people without any reason.

During Prarthna's quest to find the snakes, she meets her lost daughter, Meher, whom she fails to recognize.

Now as per the latest spoiler of Naagin 6, a big fight is awaiting Prarthna since everyone is curious about her identity in Naaglok after they have realized that a Maha Shesh Naagin is roaming the earth.

On the other hand, a new Naagin is trying her best to woo Raghuveer who always keeps his distance from her.

According to the latest twist of Naagin 6, the new Naagin tells herself that she will soon make a place for her in Raghu's heart.

Now let's watch the future episodes of Naagin 6 to find out who is this new Nagain and how Prarthna will win this fight in just 3 days.

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