Naagin 6 13th May 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 13th May 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 13th May 2023 Written Update: Naagin 6 written update

Naagin 6 13th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Naagin 6 13th May 2023 episode starts with Prarthna fighting with Meheck and the rest of her enemies.

Meheck blackmails Prarthna 

Watching the fight between Naag-Naagins, Shekher tells his mother scaredly that he cannot believe everyone is Naagin here while hiding behind her back.

At the same time, Patali makes Prarthna hear Poorvika’s faint voice through the phone which makes Prarthna stop the war as she does not want Poorvika hurt.

Meheck laughs seeing the expression on Prarthna’s face so she urges Prarthna to erase everyone’s memory unless Prarthna wants her to kill all the people.

She further announces that she does not want to spell blood in her daughter’s wedding and Prarthna erases everyone’s memory by using some magic powders.

With one last defeated look, Prarthna walks out of the Gujral mansion while Trisha garbs Raghu’s shoulder possessively.

Patali is Ranav's mom!

Meanwhile, Ranav and Yamini are having a vicious fight in the jungle when Patali appears there with big teeth and her hair flying in different directions, holding herself up in the air.

Ranav and Yamini get surprised as Patali orders them to stop fighting among themselves while they start recalling the moments they have spent with Patali as their mom.

The flashback shows Patali turning her sons into monsters after she makes them feed the blood of a tiger despite their father wanting them to make them humans.

Patali left her sons after a big argument with her husband who slapped her hard and the next moment she sent little Yamini to her husband’s house without letting them know of her whereabouts.

Back in the present, Patali brings Ranav and Yamini back to the Gujral mansion to clear the air between them.

Patali greets Yamini with a smile, but when she goes to hug Ranav, she feels as if she is hugging Pratham, so Ranav behaves very sternly around her.

Ranav accuses Patali of leaving them without bothering to check on them when Patali reveals that she has always kept an eye on them from a distance.

She explains that she wanted powers for herself so she had to leave her husband since he never got anything by being good so if she was there she would have not let Pratham fall in love with a Pari.

Ranav flinches a bit upon hearing this while Yamini reveals that Ashwith is also dead, which surprises Patali.

Patali starts grieving for her lost son, stating that she is deeply sorry for Ranav’s loss and Shekher enters the room with his mom.

Both of them greet Patali with big smiles but Patali does not bother to return the smile at all while Yamini asks Patali if she wants to return with them.

Patali cunningly replies that she would only go if her family wants and Ranav walks out of the room with his veins throbbing in anger.

Lord Shiva helps Prarthna 

On the other hand, Prarthna meets Swarna who informs Prarthna that she has kept Meher safe but she has no clue about Poorvika.

Prarthna gets worried for Poorvika upon hearing this so she promises herself that she will save her family today no matter what.

She then takes her snake form to crawl through the jungle to find Poorvika and she arrives in the Naagmahal, praying to lord Shiva to give her Poorvika’s location.

She then starts performing tandav to impress lord Shiva while lord Shiva also starts performing tandav in his temple and the earth also starts shaking due to Maha Shesh Naagin’s anger.

Finally, lord Shiva sends a lightning bolt into the bowl which is present in front of his idol for Prarthna to see Poorvika’s location.

Prarthna quickly leaves the Naagmahal after getting a glimpse of Poorvika and very soon she rescues Poorvika from the rakshasa grip.

Meher saves Poorvika again!

Afterward, she brings Poorvika to a temple where King Takshak, Vasuki Naag, Manjeet, Jeet, Meher, and Swarna are waiting for her.

King Takshak orders Prarthna to hold Poorvika and Meher’s hands so she can become a bridge between them while Manjeet apologizes to Prarthna for doubting her.

As Meher’s poison gets transferred into Poorvika, Poorvika wakes up fully cured and Prarthna orders Swarna to take everyone to a safe place as she needs to save Raghu now.

Afterward, when Prarthna arrives at the Gujral mansion, she freezes time for a few moments, and Swarna along with Ajay takes all the humans out of the Gujral mansion.

Once the spell breaks, Meher and the rest of the evil Naagins get shocked to see Prarthna standing in front of them and Prarthna urges Raghu to break the wedding.

As soon as Raghu stands beside her, she explains that she has found their lost daughter who is none other than Meher which Raghu instantly happy as he recalls his first meeting with Meher.

He also apologizes to Prarthna for not trusting her since she always saves him while Prarthna just advises him not to feel upset.

Patali's cunning move

On the other hand, Patali reveals to Yamini that she has returned to establish her powers over Naaglok so she can rule all the seven worlds (Saat looks) for which she needs Yamini’s help and Yamini advises Patali to distract Ranav as he is a very powerful rakshasa.

Meanwhile, Bela and Ranav are having a heated conversation in the courtyard after she finds Ranav standing alone there.

A tree branch is about to fall on Bela when Ranav suddenly puts his hand over Bela’s head like an umbrella and a few drops of Ranav’s blood fall on Bela’s head acting as Sindoor.

After this, Ranav tells Bela teasingly that the girls always try to boss their husbands around no matter how they get married.

He also warns about a new mother-in-law coming their way and Bela finds Patali walking toward them so she quietly leaves the place.

However, after everyone leaves the place, a stranger finds a bangle under the tree so he takes it to the jeweler to sell it.

The jeweler gets surprised to find it is an ancient one and Patali arrives there to reveal that the bangle is broken in one place as the owner has killed someone innocent.

A flashback then shows someone breaking into Ashwith’s house and killing him using a fireball after snatching the astra from her hand.

Back in reality, Patali kills the jeweler and hangs them from the ceiling so the stranger who has come to sell the bangle gets horrified to discover this.

Later, Meheck and Patali along with the rest of the enemy invade Naaglok with a high energy level.

Whereas Ranav also comes to realize that Patali is going to attack Naaglok so he chooses to save Naaglok but he gets stopped by a Naagin who is appointed by Meheck to stop him.

The War between Naagins & Rakshashs

The Naagin and Ranav get into a fight during which Ranav uses his powers to get rid of the naagin while the naagin keeps throwing attacks at him.

In Naaglok, the Naagin-Naains try their best to guard the Naaglok door against Meheck and the enemy.

Vasuki Naag gets shattered to find Trisha in the enemy gang so he asks her why she has turned against them and Trisha replies that she was living in Naaglok for this day only.

Meanwhile, Devlekha is playing Bina in her place when she gets a feeling of something bad happening and her servant informs her about rakshash attacking Naaglok.

Devlekha instantly stands up upon hearing this and she promises to help Naaglok in order to protect the religion.

Back in Naaglok, the enemy easily overpowers the Naag-Naagins until Prarthna and Raghu show up so both Raghu and Prarthna get separated to fight the enemies.

Prarthna is fighting both Meheck and Trisha at once when Devlekha appears there with her wings to support Prarthna but Devlekha gets her wings cut off by Patali, resulting in her falling unconscious.

Patali even throws a swarpgandha net on Prarthna which automatically reduces her powers and as Prarthna notices Meheck and Trisha overpowering the Naaglok army, she pushes the net off her with lord Shiva's blessing.

Bela also appears there to help Prarthna yet she gets defeated within a few minutes of the fight and as she lies down there, Prarthna comes to fight the enemies.

On the other hand, Raghu traps Mrighnayna in his serpent tail, stating that Mrighnayna is just an enemy for him now and he also attacks Patali.

Meanwhile, Bela offers Prarthna her blood after Prarthna gets attacked by Patali's astra and Prarthna quickly becomes extremely powerful as the Pari blood mixes with her snake blood

She then saves the Naaglok very easily after which she and Raghu take their seats as king and queen in Naaglok.

Raghu also punishes Mrigh by sentencing her to life long and then he along with Prarthna leaves for Earth as they want to meet their daughters.

Once they reach Earth, they finally let Param go with a warning that if he tries to attack Prarthna one more time, he will be killed.

Whereas Ranav finally arrives at Naaglok gate after defeating the Naagin only to get notified that the war is over yet he cannot shake of the feeling of something being wrong.

End of Naagin 6 13th May 2023 written update.

Naagin 6 13th May 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, Naaglok will be attacked by Meheck!

So far in the track of Naagin 6, Patali has returned to earth for Trisha's wedding with Raghu whereas Prarthna has replaced Trisha in the mandap.

However, Prarthna loses the chance to see the Mastermind as Professor Jeet leaves the Gujral mansion after Trisha appears in the hall.

Now as per the latest spoiler of Naagin 6, Mahek, Trisha, Mrighnayna, and Prarthna get into a fight after Trisha exposes them.

Meanwhile, Yamini and Ranav are also fighting in the jungle during which Ranav easily overpowers Yamini.

According to the latest twist of Naagin 6, Parilok will also join Prarthna and Bela when Mahek and the rest of the enemy will attack Naaglok.

Let's keep watching the future episodes of Naagin 6 to see the battle of Prarthna and Meheck and who wins this battle. 

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