Naagin 6 15th April 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 15th April 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 15th April 2023 Written Update

Today's Naagin 6 15th April 2023 episode starts with Prarthna and Raghu coming out of their “Ardhnarishwar” avatar while King Takshak recites a mantra.

Swarna seems doubtful

Both Prarthna and Raghu smile as they find poison leaving Nayna’s body and King Takshak offers his prayers to them.

In the Gujral mansion, Swarna is worried about Nayna as the priest is urging everyone to bring Nayna to the mandap when Jeet suddenly gets a call.

Jeet cuts the call after he is done talking and he informs Manjeet that the lawyer wants to know where he found Meher.

Manjeet states worriedly that they have found Meher near the Yamuna River but they cannot tell the lawyer this.

Jeet urges Manjeet not to worry while Manjeet mutters that she cannot live without Meher.

However, Swarna overhears this and feels confused as she still thinks that this is just a coincidence, yet she decides to experiment once to figure out if Meher is Prarthna’s daughter or not.

She follows Meher out of the mansion to see if Meher’s skin pills off since it is red moon night.

Meher's real avatar

As soon as the moon’s rays fall on Meher’s body, her skin starts getting irritated while her snake face keeps appearing on her face.

She itches her skin feeling confused and Swarna gets emotional to realize that Meher is indeed Prarthna’s daughter.

Tears fall down Swarna’s eyes as she is still unable to believe that Meher is Prarthna’s daughter when Meher falls to the ground, unconscious.

As Swarna lies Meher down on the bench, she tells herself that now, Prarthna and Raghu’s distance will be over since their lost daughter is alive.

Meher wakes up from her unconscious state just then yet Swarna does not get the chance to talk to her as Ballu arrives there to take Meher inside.

Swarna watches Meher leave with one thought she will reveal the truth to Raghu and Prarthna first before telling anyone about it.

Raghu rejects Prarthna!

On the other hand, Raghu apologizes to Prarthna for not believing her since she was right about the weird sapole Naagins all along.

She gets emotional and hugs Raghu, who holds up his hand, saying that he is apologetic for his behavior yet he has not forgiven Prarthna for killing their daughter.

He explains that his wound is still fresh in his heart so Prarthna turns away, teary-eyed.

In the Gujral mansion, everyone is looking for Nayna while Mrighnayna and Trisha just smirk but their jaw drop as Raghu and Prarthna enter the mandap with Nayna by their side.

Mrignayna whispers to Trisha that this Prarthna has become a speed bump in their path since Prarthna has not only defeated Danshak but also saved Nayna.

Meher's innocent attempt

Meanwhile, Nayna and Param are busy doing wedding rituals, and as they get for the pheras, Meher suddenly gets the idea of remarrying Prarthna and Raghu to end their anger.

She tugs the end of Prarthna's lehenga into Raghu's sherwani and she requests the duo to record Nayna and Param's phera ritual so Prarthna and Raghu start circling around the havan kund (holy fire of marriage) to get a good video.

Once the phera is done, Meher mixes the sindur (vermillion) in the flowers and gives the flowers to Raghu while yelling that there is a bee on Prarthana's head.

Raghu starts ruffling Prarthna's hair upon hearing this due to which he ends up rubbing the sindur on Prarthna's forehead and Meher shouts that now, Raghu and Prarthna are married.

Neither Raghu nor Prarthna says a word whereas Swarna makes up her mind to reveal the truth to Raghu and Prarthna as soon as possible.

Poorvika gets into danger!

Nayna and Param's wedding gets done so everyone walks out of the Gujral mansion to bid farewell to Nayna except Trisha and Mrighnayna.

Mirghnayna sends Poorvika to her room to bring a gift for Nayna whereas Trisha walks out of the house, taking Poorvika's avatar.

Prarthna, on the other hand, feels her heart racing as she cannot find Poorvika anywhere when Trisha appears as Poorvika and Prarthna feels calm.

However, Mrighnayna takes out Poorvika's poison after she makes Poorvika unconscious due to which Naaglok starts shaking furiously.

Meanwhile, Prarthna and Raghu are sitting in the garden with other people when Gautam suddenly yells that Poorvika's whole body has turned black.

On the other hand, Meher calls Prarthna "Prarthna Mom" while she explains to Nayna that her gift is nothing like Prarthna which does not escape Manjeet's ears and she starts yelling at Meher hysterically.

Manjeet yells that she is only Meher's mom so Meher should not call anyone else her mother but Meher bursts into tears.

As Manjeet walks away from there, Param reveals to Nayna that Meher is adopted, that's why Manjeet is so possessive of her.

Swarna is dead

Back in the Gujral mansion, Raghu and Prarthna both get into a big fight as Prarthna accuses Mrighnayna of harming Poorvika and she even grabs Mrighnayna's throat.

Raghu orders Prarthna to not blame others for her mistake when Mrighnayna walks out of the room with Trisha.

Later, Prarthna and Raghu take Poorvika to their snake doctor who declares that Poorvika has no poison in her so she will die in a few days and Raghu blames Prarthna for this.

Prarthna puts Raghu in his place by questioning him about where he was when she was suffering emotionally after losing their daughter.

Also, King Takshak announces that only Poorvika's sister can safe Poorvika by giving her poison.

On the other hand, Mrigh and Trisha meet Swarna in the Naagmahal as Raghu and Prarthna but before Swarna can tell them the name of Raghu's lost daughter, Naaglok messenger reveals that Raghu asked Swarna to come home.

Swarna gets stabbed by Mrigh as she has seen Mrigh whereas, in Naaglok, Prarthna expresses her worry for Swarna to Raghu since Swarna has still not come.

End of Naagin 6 15th April 2023 Written Update.

Naagin 6 15th April 2023 Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, Prarthna will learn that Meher is her lost daughter! 

The current track of Naagin 6 revolves around Prarthna and Raghu taking the "Ardhnarishwar" avatar to kill Danshak and they also save Nayna from the poison.

Meanwhile, Swarna also starts investigating the matter as she realizes that Prarthna is not lying about the weird sapole Naagins.

According to the latest spoiler of Naagin 6, Swarna learns from Manjeet that she has found Meher near the Yumna river which arises doubt in Swarna's mind about Meher's identity.

Swarna then makes Meher stand under the red moon to see if Meher's skin peals off or not like real Naagins.

Now as per the latest twist of Naagin 6, Professor Jeet is also back and is none other than the mastermind of this whole plan.

Let's keep watching the future episodes of Naagin 6 to see how Meher's birth mystery unfolds in front of Prarthna and to learn why Professor Jeet is back in Prarthna's life again. 

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