Naagin 6 19th February 2022 Written Update

Naagin 6 19th February 2022 Written Update

Naagin 6 19th February 2022 Written Update: Naagin written update, Episode 3

Naagin 6 19th February 2022 Written Update:

Today's Naagin 6 19th February 2022 episode starts with Shesh Naagin chasing the Boss of the management company handling the marriage preparation affairs of Rishabh and his brother Ritesh.

The Shesh Naagin stands tall and long, revealing her true self in form of a blue-colored enchanting snake, ready to suck the life of this first Asura.

After Shesh Naagin is done killing the boss, she travels back to inform the Professor about it.

The Professor gets puzzled at first when Shesh Naagin informs that she has killed the first Asura.

But as prophesized, the face of the first Asura does not come out on the painting of the “Samudra Manthan”.

Rather, it remains the same. The Professor rebukes the Shesh Naagin and the latter cocks her head in bewilderment.

The Professor explains how prior Serpent Queens could foresee the face of their victims in their eyes.

But this time, this won’t happen and the Shesh Naagin would have to discover the Asuras as per the clues laid out in front of them due to Lord Shiva’s Grace.

On the other hand, when Pratha enters the room, the manager instructed her to, she finds it empty.

Further, Pratha encounters a piece of shocking news. Divya, Ritesh’s fiancé, and soon-to-be wife fire Pratha.

Divya suspects Ritesh of him finding Pratha more attractive than her.

When Pratha receives this news, she’s left upset and proceeds to walk out of the buzzing wedding house.

Upstairs, Urvashi’s husband, Ritesh’s and Rishabh’s soon-to-be father-in-law is talking to an anonymous person on the phone, about huge sums of money.

When Urvashi enters the room, both she and he discuss their daughter’s bright future.

Urvashi’s husband informs her about eight crores rupees he is going to hide in Rishabh’s house as long as the wedding goes on.

Further, he candidly confesses betraying Bharat and trying to destroy it from within after receiving funding from Chingistan.

Shortly, Ritesh approaches Rishabh and tells him about Divya kicking out Pratha from her job.

Observing Ritesh’s emotive plea about keeping Pratha for the sake of the ongoing pandemic, Rishabh agrees to keep Pratha on the job.

Spotting Pratha leaving, Rishabh stops her by placing his hands on her shoulders.

Turning around, Pratha’s big round eyes stare at Rishabh and the latter feels a little intimidated.

Rishabh informs Pratha that she can resume her work as long as she does not mess things up.

The latter feels ecstatic and nods her head in agreement.

Meanwhile, the Sarvashreshth Naagin has another plan to pull.

To find the first traitor and the initial key to locating all the other remaining Asuras, Shesh Naagin decides to let loose vipers (small snakes) in the hall.

A person who won’t flinch his or her leg even after the viper trudges on his or her leg would be the Naagin’s first Asura to be wiped out of their pithy existence.

As the vipers crawl on the floor, everyone else screams and shrieks in terror except Urvashi’s husband who does not even feel the crawl of the viper climbing over his leg.

This confirms Shesh Naagin’s doubt about him and she begins to plan her next move to kill him.

When Ritesh and Rishabh’s engagement occurs with Urvashi’s daughters, the latter catches a glimpse of Pratha working in the background.

Still mystified by her stuttering demeanor, eyes reflecting things and feelings unspoken, Rishabh has to cast his glance away forcefully from her when everyone claps after he slides the ring in his fiancé’s finger.

After drinking a little too much, Urvashi’s husband, a minister by profession, returns to his room.

The Shesh Naagin takes the form of his wife, Urvashi, and pretends to love him.

Speaking sweet words, Shesh Naagin in disguise of Urvashi pleases the Minister by massaging his prosthetic leg.

Speaking a little too sweetly, the Naagin suddenly pulls his leg out forcefully, catching Urvashi’s husband completely off-guard.

The Shesh Naagin then takes her real form to kill the Minister until he starts to scream aloud and his real wife, Urvashi, comes to his rescue.

The Minister shrieks more seeing Urvashi and calls her “Naagin”.

The latter rebukes her husband for drinking more than he can handle and helps him to calm down.

Urvashi also gets jealous seeing Shesh Naagin in her pretense as a Security Head getting close to her husband and offering him a drink.

The next morning, Pratha finds her phone discharged.

Worrying about her father and her fiancé, Mayank, Pratha begins to hyperventilate, taking a lot of stress.

On the other hand, Rishabh’s mind is still fixated to decipher the message delivered by Professor’s assistant who is now dead.

Meanwhile, Anya who is Seema’s younger daughter realizes that a fraud is occurring in the company managed by Seema.

It is also revealed in the episode that Urvashi’s husband and Seema are business partners conspiring against the nation heavily.

Mayank who is Pratha’s fiancé also reaches Gujral’s residence after Pratha calls him up from her colleague’s cell.

Mayank is possessive and asks Pratha about Ritesh and Rishabh who seems to admire Pratha from afar.

Pratha does not have a clue and tells Mayank to wait as she has chores to finish for the Haldi ceremony.

Jealous and possessive, Mayank mixes broken pieces of glass in the Haldi when Pratha turns away to wash her hands.

On the other hand, when Shesh Naagin finds the Minister alone, she goes up to his room to finish him off.

When the Naagin appears, Minister screams but this time there is no one to help him.

He begs for Naagin’s mercy and pleas for his life. However, for Shesh Naagin, no one can be a bigger Asura than a person who consciously plans to destroy one’s country due to deceit and greed.

Tossing the Minister up and down, Shesh Naagin instructs the Minister to speak about other Asuras involved with him in this scheme before she kills him completely. Blood along with regret oozes off the Minister's eyes.

Naagin 6 on 19 Feb 2022 story ends with Shesh Naagin seeing Rishabh's silhouette in the Minister's eyes.

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Naagin 6 19th February 2022 Episode Update, New Promo:

The latest promo of Naagin 6 released by Colors TV on Instagram shows Shesh Naagin getting angry and enraged at Rishabh’s soon-to-be father-in-law.

The old man with a limped leg is the first Asura Shesh Naagin will kill to save her country.

Helpless and sacred, the traitor of the country reveals that there are more people involved in the conspiracy plotted against Bharat to Shesh Naagin.

How will Shesh Naagin find the other Asuras pitting against their own country?

Will Shesh Naagin take the help of Pratha to do her bidding?

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