Naagin 6 23rd April 2022 Written Update, Episode 21

Naagin 6 23rd April 2022 Written Update, Episode 21

Naagin 6 23rd April 2022 Written Update: Naagin 6 written update, watch latest full show online on VOOT App

Naagin 6 23rd April 2022 Written Update:

Today's Naagin Season 6 23rd April 2022 episode starts with Mahek urging Lord Ram to help end Pratha’s extreme dilemma.

Pratha is standing at the juncture in her life where she has to choose between taking her father’s life and saving her nation.

Unable to make a decision, Pratha gives up and drops down to her knees in surrender.

Pratha & Mehak's father dies

Mahek feels pained to see Pratha in this condition and joins her hand in front of Lord Ram to appear and kill Ravana.

As if on cue, an arrow gets lifted in the air, aiming at Pratha’s father.

The Sardar’s eyes widen in shock when the arrow hits his chest and he stumbles down in a desperate cry for help.

Both Pratha and Mahek join their father on the ground and cry.

Pratha’s father tells Pratha that they could have been together if Pratha would have agreed to betray Bharat.

Pratha sings a lullaby as her father breathes his last in an emotional stupor.

Mehak and Pratha’s father sees his wife appearing in form of a spirit, urging him to come to join her in the sky.

Sardar nods at his wife and dies in a second with Pratha and Mehak’s arms wrapped around their father’s body in agony.

Urvashi brings Reem to marry Yash

The next day Rishabh notices the sad expression painted on Pratha’s face.

It is the day to celebrate Baisakhi and Seema urges Pratha to make the sweets for the entire family.

Pratha nods slowly. Rishabh whispers in Pratha’s ear and asks what has happened to her.

Before Pratha can answer, Radha asks Pratha where her Guru is.

Pratha hesitates before she tells Seema and Radha that her Guru, aka her father, has left.

Rishabh thereby understands the cause behind Pratha’s sadness.

Abruptly, Urvashi enters the Gujral residence along with Reem behind her.

Reem’s head hangs low as Urvashi asks Yash’s hand for his marriage with Reem. Rishabh leaves the hall.

Seema gets surprised at Urvashi’s bluntness to walk in just like that.

However, Yash refuses to marry Reem and informs everyone that his marriage has been fixed since he was a child.

Yash has a big surprise for Pratha

Upstairs, Pratha walks toward Yash and tells him gently that it was very rude of him to refuse the marriage proposal in front of everyone brought by Urvashi for her daughter Reem.

On the other hand, Reem confronts Rishabh and asks why he did not say anything when Urvashi brought her marriage proposal with Yash.

Rishabh has no answer yet he feels no pain internally to see Reem get married off to someone else.

Meanwhile, Pratha waits for Yash’s reply.

Much to her surprise, Yash informs Pratha that the girl his marriage was fixed in childhood is Pratha herself.

Pratha slaps Yash instantly and growls at him.

As Yash persists along and repeats the same things, Pratha’s anger glows and she shows him her Naagin avatar. 

Pratha stands face-to-face with Shesh Naag

Pratha announces to Yash that she is Shesh Naagin herself and if he does anything with her, he will regret this.

However, another surprise awaits Pratha.

Yash’s eyes turn golden in color and he transforms into a Naag himself.

Pratha’s eyes widen in shock as Yash announces that if Pratha is Shesh Naagin, he is Shesh Naag himself.

Yash tells Pratha that his marriage with Pratha is prefixed and sanctioned by Naag Lok for eternity.

Unable to digest the fact, Pratha denies marrying Yash.

Yash tells Pratha that if she has to find the remaining Asuras, she will have to marry Shesh Naag.

To do that, she has to break her marriage with Rishabh and marry Yash.

Yash leaves shortly and Rishabh sees him exiting his and Pratha’s bedroom.

Pratha returns to her human form before Rishabh can see her in her Naagin avatar.

Rishabh again asks Pratha how she is feeling since she looks extremely sad.

Later, Pratha enters the Shiva Temple and asks Lord Shiva how many more trials and tribulations are in her destiny before she will be at peace.

Pratha is pained and angry.

Mehak joins Pratha and tells her to be calm.

Pratha shakes her head when Mehak urges her to marry Yash.

Pratha tells Mehak she cannot marry Yash since she sees Rishabh as her only husband.

Mehak gets angered at Pratha and tells her there is no way Pratha can proceed further if she does not marry Yash.

Before the next full moon, Pratha has to get married to Shesh Naag.

Yash announces he wants to marry Pratha

The next day, it is Samira and Rehan’s Mehndi Ceremony.

Rishabh urges Pratha lovingly to get Mehndi on her hand too.

Pratha nods and looks at Rishabh with longing as Anya paints Pratha’s hand with Mehndi and draws an ‘R’.

Shortly, Yash enters the hall with a throng of drummers; dancing.

He grasps everyone’s attention on him and tells everyone that he has an important announcement to make.

Yash walks toward Pratha and smears her Mehndi, beckoning her to stand.

Pratha looks at the floor as Yash announces that Pratha is the girl with whom his marriage got fixed in childhood.

Rishabh yells at Pratha and asks her if it is true. Pratha nods hesitatingly.

Seema scolds Pratha for insulting the whole family like this.

Rishabh then asks Pratha if she loves Yash.

Pratha nods and whispers a ‘yes’.

Rishabh feels his heart stir and he tells Seema that he married Pratha because he suspected her to be an anti-national.

Hearing this, Seema asks Pratha for forgiveness.

Seema also tells Pratha that she will make arrangements for Yash and Pratha’s marriage since Rishabh toyed with Pratha’s life.

Rishabh realizes he loves Pratha

Pratha has no heart to marry Yash yet she has to do it.

Anya offers help to ready Pratha for her marriage with Yash.

However, Rishabh tells Anya he will help Pratha get ready.

Rishabh readies Pratha with ornaments and jewelry in silence.

Pratha wants to confess that she loves Rishabh yet she is not able to.

Rishabh’s eyes glow with pain.

When Pratha is ready, Rishabh’s hand touches her Mangal sutra which Rishabh tied around her neck on their wedding day.

Pratha tells Rishabh not to untie it but Rishabh hurls the Mangal sutra away forcefully.

He tells Pratha that it is a reminder of their past and she need not wear it since she will marry the love of her life.

Rishabh walks Pratha to the altar and her mind goes through every memory she shared with Rishabh.

Rishabh suddenly realizes that he has fallen in love with Pratha.

When it is time for the ‘pheras’, Yash informs Seema that marriage in his family is always conducted in a temple dedicated to their ‘Kul Devta’.

Mehak offers to accompany both Yash and Pratha to the temple so Seema can attend Rehan’s and Samaira’s wedding ritual.

Seema nods hesitantly and gives Pratha’s hand to Yash.

Rishabh watches Pratha leave with a heavy heart as Pratha turns around in hopes to hear Rishabh call her back as his wife.

End of today's Naagin 23rd April 2022 written episode.

Naagin 6 23rd April 2022 Episode Update, Latest Promo:

As per the latest spoiler of Naagin Season 6 on 23rd April 2022, Pratha will finally get a chance to confront Maha Asura.

In the upcoming episodes of Naagin 6, Maha Asura will get revealed and is the one who is the crux behind Bharat’s destruction.

Maha Asura is the one who is guiding all the Asura till now and is the mastermind behind selling Bharat to Chingistan.

So far in Naagin 6, Pratha took the very role of Sarvashreshth Naagin to protect her nation.

To fulfill this, she has gone through many trials and tribulations including her abrupt marriage with Rishabh.

According to the latest spoiler of Naagin 6, the Maha Asur can be seen threatening Pratha by claiming to kill her husband.

Pratha is in for a very big surprise because the Maha Asura she has been looking for could just be her mother-in-law!

The lady claiming to be Maha Asura looks very powerful with her stance and threatening voice.

Pratha as Shesh Naagin has a long journey to make before she can succumb to anything, be it her own destiny.

Let us see what this future episode of Naagin 6 brings to its viewers.

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