Naagin 6 25th March 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 25th March 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 25th March 2023 Written Update

Today's Naagin 6 25th March 2023 episode starts with Prarthna taking the Maha Kali Avatar and gazing at Meher who lies dead on the temple floor.

Prarthna's dangerous Maha Kali Avatar!

She lets out an angry growl with a sword and walks out of the temple in extreme rage as her tongue rolls out just like Goddess Kali's.

She kills all the small snakes, green in color, who are turning out to be harmful to the human race while people yell in panic and leave their spots to flee away.

As the winds turn rough, King Takshaka asks Raghuveer to lie on the ground as it is the only way to stop Maha Kali's anger.

Prarthna meets Raghu

Raghuveer does as asked of him and when Prarthana in her Goddess Kali avatar puts her foot on his chest, she immediately stops, recognizing Raghu as her husband.

Raghu gazes at Prarthana and asks her to stop killing those snakes and Prarthana emerges out of her trance and leaves the spot.

She walks alone in the forest as she recalls how Raghuveer took one of their daughters away as she screams in pain.

Similarly, Raghuveer is practicing alone with his sword as he recalls how Prarthana's stubbornness cost one of their daughters' lives.

Just then, Trisha comes there and exclaims that Raghu body's temperature is hot while he advises her to stay out of his business or else, he will send her to Naga Loka.

Meher is alive!

Meanwhile, Prarthana comes to check on Meher, and all of a sudden, Goddess Kali breathes life into her as she calls Prarthna 'Maa' and asks for water.

She admits Meher to the hospital where the nurses ask Prathna to fill out a form but she informs her that she is not Meher's mother and informs Manjeet & Jeet about Meher.

Later, Poorvika along with Golu and Molu also arrive at the hospital, asking the nurse to tend to their wounds but all of them freak out when they see an injection.

Prathna worries and makes calls when Meher's AB negative blood group is not found but it matches with Poorvika whose doctor requests to lend a little blood and she immediately agrees.

As the nurse takes Poorvika on a stretcher, Prarthna turns around in the hall while her heart starts beating all of a sudden but Prarthna does not realize that her daughter is nearby.

Poorvika's selfless act

Afterward, Poorvika prays to lord Shiva for the person well being whom she is giving blood while Meher is lying in the room but it is separated by a curtain.

Poorvika feels a little bit weak after the blood taking is done so she goes back to sleep.

Outside the hospital room, Prarthna prays to lord Shiva for Meher’s speedy recovery saying that she does not want anything to go wrong now.

Prarthna then enters Poorvika's room only to learn that Poorvika too just like she likes to eat chapati with ghee which brings back the memories of when she used to complain to Raghu about not liking paratha without ghee.

Prarthna bonds with Poorvika

She smilingly sits next to Poorvika who gets scared for a few moments recalling Prarthna's anger toward her the last time she met her but it quickly gets melt as Prarthna pulls Poorvika in for a hug.

Prarthna requests Poorvika to reveal where is her father and Poorvika is about to say Naaglokl, instead she corrects herself saying her father is in Nagpur.

Just then, Manjeet and Jeet enter Poorvika's hospital cabin to thank her for saving Meher's life and their warm gesture impresses Poorvika so she gives Manjeet some gold coins as a prize.

Prarthna who is standing at a distance does not see the gold coins as she leaves the room saying that she has some work.

Afterward, Prarthna meets Prashant to tell him that she has changed her mind and she will leave only after she figures out which Naag/Naagin is the traitor as she cannot see small children getting killed.

On the other hand, Swarna informs Raghuveer that Poorvika missing from Naaglok who instead lashes out at Swarna for not taking care of Poorvika in his absence.

Swarna angrily tells Raghu that she has come to earth to search for Poorva so Raghu should not blame her.

Prarthna-Raghu's fight!

Meanwhile, Prarthna is walking in the jungle when a black hooded figure appears behind her to make her inhale chloroform and drags her away despite Prarthna's fight.

She wakes up to find herself tied to two pillars with snakes while a roaring fire has circled her and she tries her best to break the snake ropes which have tied her to the wall.

With a grunt, Prarthna is successful and she yells that she is Shiv blessed Maha Shesh Naagin so no one can hold her for long when a hodded figure suddenly appears.

The hooded figure is none other than Raghu who accuses Prarthna of hiding his daughter.

Both of them stare at each other with anguish and rage since Prarthna blames Raghu for taking her daughter away whereas Raghu blames Prarthna for killing his one daughter.

Raghu wraps Prarthna in his serpent tail yelling that he knows Prarthna is lying when Prarthna reveals that she has not seen Poorvika in the past five years.

Prarthna too gets into her Maha Shesh Naagin avatar to fight Raghu while both of them spit fire in anger.

After a long fight, both of them come back to their normal look and Prarthna promises to take Poorvika with her after she finds her.

Meher-Poorvika become friends

On the other hand, in the hospital, Meher befriends Poorvika after apologizing to her for behaving rudely and Poorvika smiles innocently at her.

Poorvika reveals to Meher that she is unable to sleep so Meher sleeps on the same hospital bed with her.

Coming back to Prarthna, she enters Naagmahal to yell at lord Shiva for taking her daughters away from her and King Takshak approaches her.

Prarthna confronts King Takshak

Prarthna lets out her frustration saying that she does not need King Takshak's help anymore as he did not stand up for her when Raghu snatched her daughter away.

King Takshak calms Prarthna down saying that Poorvika needs her mom as she is in trouble which stops Prarthna from leaving in anger.

He also admits that only Maha Shesh Naagin can find Poorvika as Maha Shesh Naag is very angry and that Maha Shesh Naag's anger can destroy the earth.

As King Takshak shows Prarthna Poorvika's image in a water bowl, Prarthna feels wind knocked out of her body since it is none other than the girl she met in the hospital.

Prarthna promises King Takshak to bring Poorvika very soon as she knows where she is.

Prarthna reunites with Poorvika

However, in the hospital, a black hooded figure kidnaps Poorvika after giving her chloroform so when Prarthna arrives, she does not see Poortvika anywhere.

Meher informs Prarthna that she was sleeping with Poorvika but now she is gone.

Later, Prarthna rescues Poorvika from the black figure who is also a Naagin in the jungle but she fails to catch that person.

Pulling Poorvika in her arms, Prarthna starts shading happy tears as she cannot believe her daughter is with her now.

End of Naagin 6 25th March 2023 written update.

Naagin 6 25th March Episode Update, Promo

In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, Prarthna will take the Maha Kali Avatar.

So far in the track of Naagin 6, Meher has got injured gravely.

Afterward, Prarthna begs Goddess Mahakali to appear on earth to cure Meher who is dead now.

Now as per the latest spoiler of Naagin 6, Prarthna starts dancing as soon as Maha Kali enters her body and she picks up the Trishul to kill weird Sapole Naagins.

Prarthna gets into a killing spree as she kills the Sapole Naagins mercilessly one by one with a loud growl.

According to the latest twist of Naagin 6, Raghuveer gets shocked to see the sudden change in the weather so he decides to find out.

When he appears on the road, he gets shocked to see Prarthna so angry.

Now let's watch the future episodes of Naagin 6 to find out how Raghuveer calms angry Prarthna down and what happens when Prarthna returns to her normal self.

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