Naagin 6 28th January 2023 Written Update, Vishakha and Prathna's Fight Today

Naagin 6 28th January 2023 Written Update, Vishakha and Prathna's Fight Today

Naagin 6 28th January 2023 Written Update: Naagin 6 written update

Naagin 6 28th January 2023 Written Update

Today's Naagin 6 28th January 2023 episode starts with Vishaka changing into Naagin's avatar while mumbling that she will destroy Prarthana's family.

With her red fang, she starts hitting the Gujral Mansion, causing everyone to scream in panic by creating chaos.

Vishaka mocks Prarthna by saying that today she is destroying Maha Shesh Naagin’s home which is ironic.

Prarthna Defeats Vishaka

Meanwhile, inside the house, Prarthna orders Shesha to take care of the people inside while she goes to fight Vishaka.

Afterward, Preeti attacks Vishaka with her fang and even traps her, making Vishaka struggle to get free.

Prarthna then stands behind the building in a protective gesture and spreads her five heads over the mansion.

Vishaka tries to break the trap but fails miserably since her powers are not working anymore which shocks her.

While Vishaka lies defeated on the ground, Prarthana announces that Vishaka forgot that she is Maha Shesh Naagin who will not let anyone harm her family.

Vishaka runs away from there feeling dejected whereas Shesha calms down as she realizes that Prarthna has successfully defeated Vishaka.

Raghuveer Falls Into Prarthna's trap

After entering the mansion, Prarthna informs Shesha that she has defeated Vishaka which surprises Shesha since Vishaka is very powerful.

Prarthna reveals to Shesha that someone stole a Naag mani from her in the Naag Mahal and used it to let out Vishaka from the banned area.

Prathna further informs Shesha about her plan of making tomorrow night special for Raghuveer in which she will take her revenge.

Afterward, Preeti lures Raghuveer into her trap by saying that she wants to take their relationship further in a seductive tone and Raghuveer falls into the trap.

On the other hand, Seema mocks Vishaka for her failure making Vishaka very angry as she hisses at Seema.

Feeling the rage bubbling inside her, Seema attacks Vishaka with a knife but Meheck orders them to stick together if they want to win.

Just then, arriving there, Raghuveer sides with Meheck and informs everyone that he will get the “Divya Payal” tomorrow night as he will get close to Maha Shesh Naagin.

Seema reminds him that it is Maha Shesh Naagin, not a normal Naagin so he should be more prepared but everyone ignores her concern.

Vinay Learns The Truth 

Later that night, Raghuveer is romancing a girl in the room when Vinay enters it and catches him red-handed.

Vinay pounces on Raghuveer for cheating on Preeti but gets surprised when Raghuveer attacks him back.

Vinay tries to calm Raghuveer down but Raghuveer stabs him with a knife.

Preeti is passing by the room when she notices Vinay lying on the floor and runs to help him.

Meanwhile, Raghuveer scolds the kids when they ask for pizza which frightens them and they run away.

Preeti gets angry as the kids tell her how Raghuveer behaved rudely with them and Preeti sends the kids away to the fair.

Prarthna's Revenge

In the meantime, Raghuveer smirks as he needs to spend one last night with Naagin to get the “Divya Payel”.”

In contrast, Prarthna is getting ready while continuously repeating that Raghuveer has played with her feelings and now she will get revenge.

Later, when Preeti enters the room wearing a red saree, Raghuveer looks at her with a smirk and tells her that he never thought they would become something more.

Afterward, Prrtha embraces Raghuveer in a tight hug while her eyes change color and she brings out her snake tongue to bite him but Raghu moves away.

Preeti then starts dancing sensually with Raghuveer while a romantic song plays in the background.

When Raghuveer closes his eyes, Preeti bites him on his neck but gets surprised as blue blood comes out of the wound.

Prarthna starts breathing heavily as she realizes that this is Raghu’s imposter as his blood is blue and she runs out of the room.

Raghu Is Kidnapped

Afterward, Prarthna roams the streets feeling heartbroken as she realizes that her Raghu is captured by some people and Shesha finds her.

Feeling heartbroken, Prarthna reveals to Shesha that it is a fake Raghuveer, not the real one which surprises Shesha.

Shesha calms Prathna down by reminding her that they need to keep up the act if they want to get the Naag Mani from Meheck and her gang.

Prathna even admits that she has fallen in love with Raghuveer and will do anything to keep him safe with tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile, the real Raghuveer is tied to a chair in a dark room when a girl arrives there to give him food while he pleads with her to let him go to his Preeti.

The next day, Meheck brings Vishaka to the mansion causing Prarthna and Shesha to feel irritated, and introduces Vishaka as her friend.

On one hand, Seema, Meheck, and Vishaka are discussing their next move while standing behind Vinay who is in a coma now, on the other, Prarthna pretends that she does not know the truth.

The Republic Day Event

In the meantime, the kids get ready for the Republic day celebration and Prarthna tells them the story about Rishabh and Pratha and their love for the country.

When the little girl goes to take a blessing from god, she finds anklets hidden under the puja plate and puts them around her ankles as she thinks it will complement her Bharat Mata look.

Afterward, Prarthna comes out with the kids without knowing about the anklets and Vishaka hears the sound of them and finds the girl wearing them.

Later, the kids are performing on the stage when Prarthna notices Meheck, Vishaka, and Seema there which confuses her.

As she looks at the stage more closely, she finds her foster sister wearing the anklets and vows to protect her and the magical anklets at any cost.

End of today's 28th January 2023 Naagin 6 written update.

Naagin 6 28th January 2023 Episode Update

In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, Vishaka will attack Prarthna’s husband Raghuveer.

So far in the episodes of Naagin 6, Raghuveer freezes time during the party and brings Preeti aka Prarthna close to him.

On the other hand, Vishaka is searching for “Divya payel” the anklet everywhere as Meheck needs to become youthful again.

Now as per the latest spoiler of Naagin 6, Vishaka attacks Raghuveer using her red fang and even picks him up by circling the fang around him.

After she throws Raghuveer to the ground, angry Vishaka challenges Prarthna that she will ruin her family.

According to the latest gossip of Naagin 6, Vishakha and Prarthna will get into a fight.

Now let’s watch the future episodes of Naagin 6 to know how Prarthna will save Raghveer from Vishaka’s trap.

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