Naagin 6 29th January 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 29th January 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 29th January 2023 Written Update

Today's Naagin 6 29th January 2023 episode starts with Prarthna telling Vishaka to use any plan she wants but Prarthna will not let her evil plans win.

In reply, Vishaka announces that she will win against Prarthna, and they start fighting after taking their Naagin avatar.

Meanwhile, Seema approaches Shesha and informs her that she came to see her as she was missing her very much and even asks Shesha if her top floor (brain) is empty.

Hearing this, Shesha informs Semma that her top floor has enough space in which she can fit Seema which makes Seema scared.

Vishaka fools Prarthna 

With a nervous smile, Seema starts behaving like Shahrukh Khan from the DDLJ movie but she gets scared as Shesha turns into her Naagin avatar.

On the other hand, during the fight, Vishaka tells Prarthna that their plan was to distract her while Meheck abducts Tina.

When Preeti turns around, she gets shocked to see Meheck putting a blanket on Tina’s body and running away from there.

At the same time, Vishaka starts attacking the school premise with fireballs and even challenges Prarthna to choose between saving everyone or the “Divya Payel” with an evil laugh.

Vishaka mocks Prarthna by saying that now they will get the anklets while Prarthna decides that she needs to save everyone.

Prathna Wins

Joining her hands together, Prarthna prays to Lord Shiva to come and help her to rescue everyone just when the clouds start rumbling and a storm appears, indicating Lord Shiva answering Prathna’s prayer.

All of a sudden, a tornado appears there which stops the fire from spreading and fake Raghu runs away with the kids.

Later, while Meheck is running away with Tina, Prathna attacks her from behind with her fang which causes Meheck to fall, and Prarthna ties Tina behind her back.

Prarthna announces that the mother’s spine is very strong when it comes to saving their kids when Meheck looks at her with an evil smirk.

Prathna then turns Meheck and Vishaka into ice stones using the power of one of her 'Naag manis' and safely rescues the anklets and Tina.

She then orders Gautam to go back to the Gujral mansion with the rest of the kids when she hears Shesha’s faint scream.

Shesha Gets Saved

Following the scream, Prarthna finds Shesha lying on the ground while Seema is taunting Shesha by saying that she was going to kill her but Seema has stabbed her in her spine.

Prathna screams that she will go to any length to save Shesha today and runs to the Naag Mahal to save Shesha.

Later, in the Naag Mahal, Prarhna lies Shesha on the floor and pleads with Lord Shiva to save Shesha.

Just then, King Takshaka walks in and informs Prathna that "Divya Payel" will not be sufficient enough to save Shesha but will need the power of the Nine Nagmanis.

As Prarthana is desperate to save Shesha, she joins her hands together and all the naagmani's come out of her stomach one by one.

She then ties the anklets around Shesha’s ankles which makes Shesha open her eyes and she thanks Prarhna for saving her life.

Shesha Is A Villain!

While Prathna is thanking the Lord for helping her, someone stabs her in her spine resulting in Prathna falling near Lord Shiva's idol.

When Prathna turns around, the color drains from her face as she realizes Shesha is an evil in disguise who just pretended to be her friend.

As Prarthna turns toward King Takshaka with tears in her eyes, she finds King Takshaka transforming into Vishaka.

She looks at Shesha with mixed hurt and betrayal as Meheck, fake Raghu, and Seema also arrive there.

Looking at Prathna, Shesha reveals that she is just a beautiful illusion who writes her own fate and even mocks Prathna for not remembering that Seema is just a mere human who is nothing compared to black Naagin.

She further announces that she pretended to be stabbed in her spine while Prarthna whimpers in pain.

After putting the anklets around Meheck’s ankles, Shesha informs Prathna that she is the one who abducted the real Raghuveer.

Prarthna whimpers get louder as Shesha stabs her in her spine continuously and the gang walks away as they have won the war now.

Pratha Saves Her Daughter

Afterward, Prarthna gets dizzy due to the attack when she imagines Pratha walking in through the gates who orders Prathna to stand up and fight.

Though Prarthna repeats that she has failed, Pratha’s words motivate her to walk.

Pratha orders Prarthna to apply the paste on her wound and even reveals that once she was also stabbed, this paste cured her.

After taking it out from the back of the painting, Prarthna applies it to her wound and stands up straight as the paste heals her.

Pratha vanishes after reminding Prathna that she is Maha Shesh Naagin who has to take revenge and this strikes the fire of revenge in Prarthna’s heart.

Where is Raghu?

When Shesha, Meheck, Seema, and fake Raghuveer come back, Meheck hypnotizes Gautam and Soniya to become their slave and locks the kids in a room.

On the one hand, Shesha, fake Raghuveer, Meheck, and Seema are celebrating their victory with glasses of win, on the other, Prathna enters the kids’ room through a window.

When Prarthna tells the kids that Raghuveer is kidnapped, her foster brother informs her about finding the beads of Raghu’s bracelet in the forbidden hall and Prarthna realizes that Raghu is here only.

In the hall, Shesha mentions that they have anklets, and Naagmani but they need something else too.

End of today's 29th January 2023 Naagin 6 written update.

Naagin 6 29th January 2023 Episode Update

In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, Prathna will be backstabbed by a predator.

So far in the episodes of Naagin 6, Prarthna has realized that the real Raghuveer is kidnapped by someone.

Later, her little foster sister wears the “Divya Payel” accidentally, thinking it will complement her Bharat Mata look without Prarthna knowing.

As Vishaka has noticed this, she, Meheck, and Seema run to the school function happening on the occasion of Republic Day to snatch those anklets.

Now as per the latest spoilers of Naagin 6, Prathna and Vishaka again get into a fight for the anklets during which Vishaka attacks Prarthna with fireballs.

When Shesha comes to help Prarthna, she gets injured and Prathna runs to Naag Mahal to save her.

According to the latest gossip of Naagin 6, King Takshaka informs Prathna that anklets are not sufficient enough to save Shesha’s life as they need Naag mani too for it.

When Prathna closes her eyes and Naagmani comes out of her stomach, someone stabs her from behind.

Is it Shesha who backstabbed Prathna or someone else?

Let us see what happens in this exciting episode of Naagin 6 as Prathna becomes confused as to who is her ally and who is not.

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