Naagin 6 4th June 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 4th June 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 4th June 2023 Written Update: Naagin 6 written update

Naagin 6 4th June 2023 Written Update 

Today's Naagin 6 4th June 2023 episode starts with Raghav dropping Pragati off near her college bus.

He introduces himself as Raghav but when he asks Pragati about her identity, Pragati jokingly urges him to find out her name if she wants.

Pragati then walks away from him to join her friends while Raghav thinks to himself that he likes this new girl as she is sassy and cute.

As Raghav drives away from there, Pragati scolds her friends for leaving her alone as she had to walk through the jungle because of them.

Meheck revisits her past

Meanwhile, Meheck and Ambika bring an interior designer named Shilpa to renovate the Gujral mansion, and Ambika asks Meheck why she needs to live in the burned mansion.

Meheck replies that she is renovating the Gujral mansion for Raghav’s sake since she cannot say no to Raghav’s wants.

However, as Meheck and Ambika are discussing the Gujral house being burned, it gets overheard by Shilpa who confronts Meheck about it.

Meheck being the aggressive one takes her Shesh Naagin avatar to wrap  Shilpa in her snake tail and she kills Shilpa by choking her.

As she drops Shilpa’s dead body to the floor, Ambika advises Meheck to keep her anger in check.

On the other hand, Pragati’s dad and his team of archeologists discover a big trunk full of jewels in the Yamuna river and as Pragati's father is busy inspecting the trunk, one of his other teammates discovers a small box.

None of Pragati's father's teammates can open the small box as big snakes come out of Yamuna River and attack them so due to the snake attacks, everyone runs away from there except Pragati's dad.

Pratha's ring chooses her heir 

When Pragati's dad picks up the small box, the clouds get cleared in the sky and lord Shiva's image appears there whose rays fall on him causing the snakes to run away from there without attacking Pragati's father.

In the meantime, Bidushi, Pragati's big sister, and Minakshi scold Pragati for not arriving home in time and Pragati reveals that she missed the bus as she was fighting with a shopkeeper for five rupees.

Minakashi reminds Pragati that she cannot give everyone tension like this always while Pragati states she cannot let someone do jungle raj in her presence.

At the same time, Minakshi's father returns with the small box and he informs Pragati that he has found it in the Yamuna river.

He forbids anyone from entering the room where he keeps the small box as he is unable to open the box and once he along with Pragati comes out of the room, he locks the room.

Meanwhile, the snake goes to report to King Takshak that he has failed to keep the small box safe as he felt that Lord Shiva wants him to hand it over to a human being.

Hearing this, King Takshak reveals that it was Pratha's ring in which Pratha has stored all her Naagin powers and if the ring has come out now that means Pratha has selected her heir.

He gets delighted thinking that lord Shiva has sent someone to Earth to finish the mission and soon a new Shesh Naagin will emerge.

Pragati's life takes a U-turn

Back at Pragati's house, Pragati wakes up feeling restless the images from the jungle play in her head and when she is walking in the hall, she hears the same Naagin song coming from the room where the small box is being kept.

She enters the room as she assumes that someone must have entered her house and surprisingly the box gets unlocked on its own as Pragati touches it.

Pragati falls to the ground after putting the ring on her finger since the powers start getting transferred to herself which causes Pragati to scream in pain.

The planets come in the same line in the universe during this and Prathana and Raghu's blurring images appear in front of Pragati's eyes which confuses her so much.

When her parents appear in the doorway hearing her scream, Pragati lies that she was just pushing the cat away from her.

Pragati then thinks to herself that she needs to find out what this ring means and why she sees these blurry images all the time.

Meet Raghav, Swarna's son

The next day, Raghav surprises Meheck and Swarna at the cafe and it turns out Raghab is Swarna and Ajay's son.

Meheck then meets Bidushi and hires her immediately for the renovation after looking through her designs while Pragati waits for Bidushi in her car.

Pragati then finds Bidushi has left her phone in the car so she goes to the cafe to return it where she gets corned by Raghav who pleads with her to reveal her name.

Bidushi approaches Pragati and Raghav and as she calls Pragati by her name, Raghav smirks while Pragati just walks away from there.

Later, when Raghav, Meheck, Swarna, and their other family members arrive at the Gujral mansion, Ambika mocks Swarna about Raghav considering Meheck as his mother which makes Swarna sad.

Swarna reveals her reason 

Once they settled down in the Gujral mansion, Swarna goes to the bar to drink so she can numb her pain and she finds Prarthna standing there who accuses Swarna of betraying her.

Swarna then reveals that after marriage she found out that she is pregnant but when she went to tell Ajay, she found him dead in the jungle.

She accepts that she harmed Raghu so she can take Naagmani from him as Meheck promised her that she will save Ajay with those two things.

As Swarna yells that she will do this all over again if it means keeping her son safe, Raghav arrives there to hold her.

On the other hand, Pragati is waiting in her car when Prashant calls her Naagin and unfortunately, Prashant has gone mad after Pararthna's death.

End of Naagin 6 4th June 2023 Written Update.

Naagin 6 4th June 2023 Episode Update, Upcoming Promo

In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, a new Prarthna will return to Naagmahal whose identity is unknown.

So far in the story of Naagin 6, Swarna has killed both Prarthna and Raghu for the Naagmani, and Ajay is also killed by a goon.

Meanwhile, a couple gets into an accident on the same night and the lady gives birth to a baby girl.

Many years have passed since the birth of the girl and now she is a grown-up person who looks exactly like Prarthna.

Meanwhile, King Takshak finds Pratha's ring on the ground and states that something big is going to happen.

On the other hand, Prarthna's lookalike also appears in the jungle where she finds herself dancing with Raghu.

Let's keep watching the future episodes of Naagin 6 to learn what is the name of Prarthna's lookalike and how she will take revenge on Swarna for killing Prarthna and Raghu.

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