Naagin 6 5th February 2023 Written Update, Today's Episode Summary

Naagin 6 5th February 2023 Written Update, Today's Episode Summary

Naagin 6 5th February 2023 Written Update

Today's Naagin 6 5 February 2023 episode starts with the blue snake, standing tall as it attacks Vishaka and Sheha who try to enter through the ancient door.

The blue snake spits fireballs and fights Vishaka and Shesha, gripping them in its grip and finally locking them behind the "Nirvasit" door.

Prarthna's face off with Blue Naag 

Meanwhile, Prarthana is talking Shesh Naag who says that nobody knows about this blue snake and that if King Takshaka was here, he could have revealed the truth.

Prarthana vows to fight the blue snake with her Maha Shesh Naagin powers and appears in front of it.

Turning herself into an enchanting yet fierce serpent, Prarthana fights with the blue Naagin.

However, the blue Naagin easily overpowers Prarthana as Prathna gets paler and says she doesn't know how strong is the blue Naagin. 

Out of the blue, Prathna gets released from the blue snake's grip and she goes back to the Naag Mahal, stating even though the blue Naagin fought with her, she didn't hurt her. 

Shesh Naag tells Prarthana that they have to find out about her as she fought strongly with Maha Sarvasrestha Naagin herself.

Meheck's new Melodrama

Meanwhile, Raghuveer wakes up outside Gujral's mansion with confusion written all over his features.

He goes inside to search for Preeti while Meheck and Seema get scared for their lives as they think Raghuveer might remember everything that happened.

However, being classic dramatic actresses, Meheck and Seema both start crying when he asks them why there is a mandap installed in this house.

He also says that he remembers Sasha (Shesha) backstabbing him while Meheck says that she only wanted to marry him.

Putting all the blame on Shesha, Meheck then tries to instigate Raghu against Preeti by saying that Vinay is no more in this world.

Prarthana gets framed 

On top of this, Seema shows a video to Raghu where Preeti AKA Prarthana can be seen killing Vinay but in reality, it is Meheck.

Raghu gets filled with hatred and goes to see Preeti inside the jail but the informant tells him that she has been released already.

When Preeti comes back home to meet Raghu, Soniya and Gautam confront her with tears and accuse her of being Vinay's killer and Raghu's heartbreaker.

Afterward, Raghuveer throws Prarthna out of the Gujral mansion despite Prarthna’s pleading.

Prarthana's wrath

While Prarthna is walking on the road, the two goons start eve-teasing her by calling her “Haseena".

This acts as salt on Prarthna’s wound and she transforms herself into Maha Shesh Naagin while yelling that this type of goon has made the city unsafe for the females.

Picking up the goons by her tail, Prarthna throws them away at a distance, asking Lord Shiva why she always gets betrayed even after trusting them.

She even yells in anger that she is Maha Shesh Naagin with fury in her eyes.

Raghuveer's Broken Heart

Meanwhile, in the Gujral mansion, Raghu is sulking in his room as he cannot believe Preeti has betrayed him after loving her very much.

While the alcohol bottle shatters on the floor, Raghuveer looks at his and Preeti’s pictures with hurt written all over his face.

He throws away the picture yelling that Preeti has broken his heart while the memory of him putting sindoor on Preeti’s forehead flash before his eyes.

As Preeti’s painting falls to the ground, Raghu lies beside it with a hand on the painting while the tears roll down his cheeks.

On the other hand, when Prarthna arrives at Naag Mahal, she gets worried sick as she cannot find the kids around.

Prarthna picks up Raghu’s note that reveals Raghu has taken the kids with him as he thinks Prarthna will not be able to take care of them.

Prarthana reveals her relationship with Meheck

Later, while Meheck and Seema are celebrating Prarthna’s defeat, Prathna comes back asking them what she cannot do.

Meheck and Seema gulp as they are scared of Prarthna’s wrath whereas Raghuveer announces that he cannot let Prarthna have the kids.

Even Gautam announces the kids will not go with Prarthna causing Prarhna to lose her cool.

She tells Raghu that Meheck is her maternal aunt who killed her mom, dad, and husband which scares Meheck.

When Raghu looks at Prarthna with surprise, Prarthna reveals that now she remembers everything.

Meheck accuses Prathna of conjuring up lies against her with crocodile tears in her eyes as Prarthna has already killed her husband.

As Prarthna urges Raghuveer to believe her, Seema dramatically announces that if Meheck is her maternal aunt then she would have been old not this young.

This remark makes Prathna go silent as if she reveals the reason that Meheck is a Naagin then her identity will also be revealed for which she is not ready.

When Prarthna does not say anything, Raghuveer orders her to leave whereas Meheck thanks Seema for saving her at the right time.

Dead Vinay helps Prarthna

Prarthna begs lord Shiva to create a situation that will let her stay in the Gujral mansion so she can protect Raghuveer and the rest of the family from Meheck and Seema’s evil plans.

Prarthna’s wish comes true when a lawyer appears suddenly and states that Vinay has given his part of the property to Prarthna.

Hearing this, Meheck falls from the sky as she cannot believe Vinay has given Prathna his property despite being her husband.

She retorts back but the lawyer informs her that Vinay has indeed given the property to Preeti.

Meheck again manipulates Raghu by accusing Prarthna of killing Vinay after making him sign the papers.

With hurt in his eyes, Raghu accuses Preeti of killing Vinay but Preeti orders him to think whatever he wants.

Yudi's Entry

Afterward in the room, Meheck tells Seema that she is planning to sell the Naagmanis to Zain's son Yudi, making Seema extremely happy.

Seema states that Blue Naagin has some brain cells in her too.

Meanwhile, Yudi announces that he will take revenge for his father's killing while looking at Zain's picture.

When one of his bodyguards reminds him that Prarthna is a Maha Shesh Naagin, Yudi tells that hungry Yeti will soon get his lunch.

Later, in the Gujral mansion, Prarthna gets happy when she finds the terrace decorated with flowers which brings a smile to her face.

As the servant tells Prarthna that Raghu has ordered them to decorate, she starts imagining Raghu holding her in his arms.

Her smile vanishes as she finds Raghu standing near the corner and Raghu tells her that he will make her life hell by channeling his betrayal toward her.

Prarthna watches in horror as Raghu sets the table on fire which contains some flowers and their picture.

End of today's 5th February 2023 Naagin 6 written update.

Naagin 6 5th February 2023 Episode Update

In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, Raghuveer will blame Prarthna for Vinay's death.

So far in the episodes of Naagin 6, Prathna comes to know from a Naag that a new blue Naag is creating chaos in the world and King Takshak is missing.

Meanwhile, the blue Naag throws Vishaka and Shesha into exile after overpowering them in a fight.

Now, as per the latest spoiler of Naagin 6, Raghuveer wakes up feeling overwhelmed as he cannot remember what happened last night.

Afterward, when Prarthna will arrive at the Gujral mansion, Meheck, and Raghu will accuse her of killing Vinay.

Feeling furious, Prathna will tell Raghuveer that Meheck is her maternal aunt.

According to the latest gossip of Naagin 6, Prathna will fail when she will go to fight with blue Naag.

Is this blue Naag none other than Raghuveer?

Let's watch the future episodes of Naagin 6 to know how Prarthna unveils the mystery around Raghuveer's identity.

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