Naagin 6 6th May 2023 Written Update, Mahasangam with Bekaboo Cast Full Episode

Naagin 6 6th May 2023 Written Update, Mahasangam with Bekaboo Cast Full Episode

Naagin 6 6th May 2023 Written Update: Naagin 6 written update

Naagin 6 6th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Naagin 6 6th May 2023 episode starts with Meheck asking all the Shesh Naagins in Naagmahal about how they are feeling right now since Prarthna is going to sacrifice her Naagin powers today.

Prarthna loses her powers

She cunningly announces that she will ruin this Naaglok and the Naagmahal is filled with sinister laughter.

Just then, Prarthna walks in with her shoulders hunched, telling Meheck that she is ready to lose her powers so Meheck should also fill her side of the deal.

Meheck excitedly informs Prarthna that she will fulfill her part of the deal and she then opens all the windows, resulting in the moon rays falling on Prarthna, while she herself also transforms into Naagin form.

At the same time, Prarthna stands up in front of Lord Shiva, begging him to take her powers from her when Meheck goes to open the Naagmahal door.

Prarthna urges lord Shiva to turn her into a human, and the snakes suddenly crawl through the door while Meheck watches this from afar.

Meanwhile, the snakes crawl over Prarthna’s body, and as they start biting her, she starts hissing in pain.

Prarthna’s skin turns pale as the poison starts leaving her body and the Naagmani suddenly starts glowing in her belly.

On the other hand, lord Shiva is also doing tandav in his temple while the lava erupts in the world, indicating the distortion that Prarthna losing powers is bringing to the world.

In Naagmahal, the diamond leaves Prarthna’s body which causes Meheck’s eyes to widen in greed and even her hands itch to touch the diamond.

Meheck cheats Prarthna 

Prarthna soon falls to the ground unconsciously while Meheck stares at Prarthna with pity as now Prarthna is a human.

When she wakes up weakly, she urges Meheck to give her Meher’s location and like a good person, Meheck hands Prarthna a piece of paper.

Meanwhile, in Naaglok, King Takshak tells Vasuki that a powerful Naagin is sacrificing her powers so King Takshak starts looking through his book to find out about the powerful Naagin.

King Takshak’s eyes widen as he comes to realize that the powerful Naagin is none other than Prarthna after he closes his eyes for a bit and Vasuki gets surprised.

However, on the other hand, when Prarthna arrives at the location that Meheck gave her, she finds Meher sitting on a chair, unconscious.

Prarthna rushes to Meheck, claiming that her daughters are her real powers so now everything will be all right but the feeling of bliss does not last long as Inspector Ayan announces that Prarthna is under arrest.

Manjeet and Jeet also come out from the dark while Prarthna refuses to give anyone Meher, yelling that it is her daughter but Manjeet orders Prarthna to stay away from her daughter.

Raghu regains his consciousness

Inspector Ajay handcuffs Prarthna’s hand after Manjeet snatches Meher away from Prarthna’s grip.

Later, Inspector Ajay throws Prarthna into jail despite Prarthna pleading with him to listen to her side of the story since her daughter needs her right now.

Prarthna looks at Inspector Ajay with tears in her eyes but Ajay makes it clear that he knows her true face now.

Whereas Raghu finally wakes up from his unconscious state and King Takshak tells him that Prarthna has lost her powers.

King Takshak informs Raghu that Prarthna came to Naaglok two times to talk to him and that he has noticed the stressed look on Prarthna’s face.

Upon hearing this revelation, Raghu returns to earth with Poorvika to make sure Prarthna is not in trouble.

Meanwhile, the police station suddenly catches fire which causes chaos in the police station but Inspector does not let Prarthna escape with the rest of the criminals.

Prarthna keeps begging Ajay to take her with him yet nobody listens to her at all while Meheck, Mrighnayna, and Trisha are watching the police station burning down with sneers.

Meheck tells Mrigh and Trisha that now Prarthna’s chapter has ended in their life so now Trisha will smoothly get married to Maha Shesh Naag, Raghu.

Raghu becomes Meheck's pawn

At the same time, Raghu arrives in front of the police station and he just watches the police station with sad eyes as he can hear the screams from inside the police station.

Raghu does not get a chance to grieve as he suddenly falls unconscious and when he wakes up, he finds himself lying on the jungle ground.

As he looks around, he finds Meheck, Trisha, and Mrigh standing in front of him and Meheck orders him to marry Trisha if he wants to know about his lost daughter.

Meheck informs Raghu that if he wants to save Poorvika, he has to marry Trisha and Raghu gives into Meheck’s demand since he has no option to save Poorvika now.

A big revelation

On the other hand, Inspector Ajay meets a black-cloaked figure who turns out to be Prarthna and then another black-cloaked figure arrives in the cave.

The Black cloaked figure is none other than Swarna who is alive but Prarthna does not seem to be surprised as Swarna explains that Prarthna has healed her.

Swarna reveals that it was she who sacrificed her powers since it was the perfect time she come back to her senses.

Prarthna once again thanks Swarna for covering up for her at Naagmahal, explaining how she quickly replaced Swarna in the Naagmahal when Meheck was not looking.

At the same time, Inspector Ajay comes forward, pleading with Swarna to give him one more chance since he has fallen in love with her and he also apologizes to Prarthna for doubting her.

Swarna then reveals that she has snooped around the Gujral mansion so she has learned that Trisha and Mrighnayna are pressurizing Raghu to marry Trisha and that Raghu is helpless in this scenario since he needs to save Poorvika & Meher.

On the other hand, Mrighnayna and Meheck assemble all the family members including Gautam and Soniya to announce Raghu's marriage with Trisha.

Patali's Return from Hell

Everyone gets shocked upon hearing this and Laddu refuses to accept that Raghu is ditching Prarthna so she opposes the marriage.

Raghu however puts an end to everyone’s assumption, saying that he and Prarthna were going to get a divorce since there is nothing left in their relationship.

His mouth slips that Prarthna is no more but Meheck quickly covers up for him, claiming that Prarthna has gone back to Australia.

Later, Professor Jeet is digging a grave in the middle of the jungle while Meheck orders him to drop the AB+ blood as it is Patali’s favorite.

Mrigh, Meheck, and Trisha watch in awe as a hand comes out from the soil that Jeet helps to stand up properly.

Jeet hugs Patali, saying that she needs to be present at her granddaughter Trisha’s wedding and Meheck also welcomes Patali cheerfully.

Raghu & Trisha's wedding

The next day, Ranav’s full family arrives at Gujral mansion to enjoy Raghu and Trisha’s wedding as Vinay had a very close relationship with Ranav’s family.

Yamini and her family enter first and are greeted by Meheck who introduces Trisha as her daughter.

When Ranav and Bela show up, Ranav asks Raghu why he has no glow on his face to which Raghu replies that he has to choose between two paths.

Ranav‘s tone suddenly becomes melancholic as he considers love weak but Raghu does not agree with him since he thinks love is important.

Meanwhile, Yamini hides behind a pillar on the balcony when Meheck taps on her shoulder.

Meheck offers Yamini a glass of blood with some ice cubes since she already knows Yamini is a rakshash.

She also urges Yamini to chill as she will hide her from Ranav while Ranav is looking everywhere for Yamini with furious eyes.

Naagin meets Pari

Meanwhile, when Prarthna arrives near the Gujral mansion, she meets Bela who narrates her tale to Prarthna and Prarthna too explains that she is here to get her family.

Bela promises Prarthna that she will take her inside in disguise so Prarthna thanks Bela for her help but Param has seen Prarthna as he is lurking near the main gate.

In the Gujral mansion, Shekher tries to flirt with Meheck, reminding Shekher that his wife is a rakshash and Shekher still says that Meheck should become his sister as she can protect him from Yamini.

At the same time, Naira surprises everyone with her sudden visit and Ranav soon recognizes her as their childhood memories replay in his mind while Bela does not seem, too excited.

Afterward, when Bela gets the chance, she makes it clear to Nyra that she is Ranav's wife and Nyra looks at her henna with a hurtful look which has Ranav's name in it.

Bela then introduces Prarthna as Nelofar and everyone starts dancing while Ajay sends Param to the garden, saying that he will bring Meheck there after Param's tongue slips that Prarthna is alive.

As everyone gets busy dancing, Prarthna slips out of the party to meet Raghu so she can tell him about her plan yet she does not get the chance since Mrigh is with Raghu.

Raghu also refuses to marry Trisha when Prarthna enters the room in Trisha's disguise and as both Raghu and Mrigh walk away, Prarthna thinks to herself that she needs to find out the real mastermind. 

End of today's 6th May 2023 Naagin 6 written update.

Naagin 6 6th May 2023 Episode Update, New Promo

In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, Prarthna and Pari, Bela, from Bekaboo will come together to fight evil! 

So far in the story of Naagin 6, Mehak has given Prarthna 24 hours of time to think since she wants Prathna's Naagin powers in exchange for Meher's life.

Meanwhile, King Takshak has also ordered Prarthna to become the new ruler of Naaglok till Raghu heals.

Now as per the latest spoiler, Prathna and Bela will come together to fight the EVIL!

Ranav, on the other hand, faces difficulty when he tries to enter a temple.

According to the latest twist, Prarthna and Bela's enemies will also join hands to attack these two.

Let's watch the future episodes of Naagin 6 and Bekaboo to see how Prarthna and Bela will fight all the odds together.

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