Naagin 6 7th May 2022 Written Update

Naagin 6 7th May 2022 Written Update

Naagin 6 7th May 2022 Written Update: Naagin 6 written update, Watch the latest full show online on VOOT app

Naagin 6 7th May 2022 Written Update:

Today's Naagin 6 7th May 2022 episode starts with Seema taking a peek at Chanda who stares at her from the first floor as Rishabh and Pratha dance.

Feeling dazed and overwhelmed, Seema walks away from the celebration and gets stuck in a fire.

Rishabh hears Seema’s yelp and runs to help her.

Pushing Seema to one side, Rishabh gets stuck in the fire now.

Chanda saves Rishabh from fire

However, Chanda helps Rishabh this time and Rishabh looks in awe at the unfamiliar woman standing in front of her.

Seema stared wide-eyed at Chanda as she realizes it is not her imagination acting up.

Pratha joins Rishabh and Seema and puts her arm around Chanda.

When Rishabh asks who Chanda is, Pratha answers that it is Seema’s best friend.

Seema cannot say anything in front of Pratha as Pratha concocts a story.

Pratha introduces Chanda as Seema's best friend

Pratha tells Rishabh that she brought Chanda home as she is mentally disturbed and has lost her kid.

Being Seema’s best friend, the least Pratha could do was to bring Chanda home.

Rishabh agrees while Seema smiles bogusly.

Pratha shows Chanda her room while Seema contemplates her past actions alone.

Pratha taunts Seema

Suddenly two snakes appear in front of Seema and wrap themselves around her.

Eating an apple and with a nonchalant demeanor, Pratha taunts Seema and asks whether it was a good surprise or not.

Seema tells Pratha to leave her alone.

Seema takes Rishabh’s name and Pratha makes the snakes disappear.

However, it was just Seema’s tactic so snakes leave her alone.

But this time, Rishabh is standing behind Seema so Pratha declares that it will be good if Seema is considering to massage her best friend’s feet and asks Rishabh for an opinion.

Seema smirks, thinking it is Pratha’s reverse trick on her but she gets shocked when Rishabh puts his hand on Seema’s back and agrees with Pratha.

With no option left, Seema massages Chanda’s legs in her room but moans in pain when her own hand hurts.

Rishabh volunteers to comfort Chanda’s feet as he is her best friend’s son.

Chanda tells Rishabh that her child is young, not as old as Rishabh. Chanda asks Pratha for her kid and looks around the room curiously.

Pratha consoles Chanda she will find her kid when she has got a best friend like Seema; another taunt pulled on Seema.

Pratha threatens Seema that if she does any harm to Chanda or Rishabh, Pratha won’t let Seema go to sleep peacefully.

Dadi knows Seema's secret

Later, Mehak asks Pratha whether she noticed any change in expression of any of the family members when they saw Chanda.

Pratha tells her sister that Dadi along with Lalit got shocked to see Seema.

Meanwhile, in the evening, Dadi walks toward Chanda’s room to meet as Pratha stalks Dadi.

Dadi notices Pratha’s shadow, feeling shocked when Pratha questions why Dadi is keen to destroy Rishabh’s future when she knows Chanda is Rishabh’s real mother.

Pratha demands an explanation but Dadi refuses to let Pratha know and leaves in a jiffy.

Dadi leaves a hint for Pratha

The next day Rishabh informs Pratha that Dadi has left for a sudden pilgrimage trip.

However, Dadi leaves her ring at Pratha’s dressing table and writes “Naag Mahal” with red lipstick on the mirror.

This hint leads to Pratha and Mehak visiting the Naag Mahal as it is a surety now that Pratha’s past and Seema’s secret are interlinked.

When Pratha shows Mehak Dadi's ring, Mehak informs Pratha that is the same ring their Nani used to wear.

Mehak points toward the photograph of their Nani.

Working with her instinct, Pratha makes the ring touch the door where Nani’s photograph is hung.

The doors open and lead to a cave that hasn’t been explored before by Mehak or Pratha.

Pratha finds Tara's photograph in Naag Mahal

Both of them encounter a huge serpent guarding a secret door that surely has a secret inside.

Pratha invokes Lord Shiva’s blessings and seeks permission from the Naag Devta.

Mehak tells Pratha to hurry as they do not have much time to scrounge about as the doors will close up soon.

Pratha gathers a photograph of Asur vansh and an ancient map.

Mehak and Pratha fools Lalit

Back home, Lalit is confused by the eerie silence in the house. When he calls Seema’s name, there is no response.

However, Seema sits on the sofa in dark with Rishabh’s body tied around the table with the chandelier hanging on top of him.

Lalit gets awfully scared when Seema threatens to kill Rishabh.

Lalit tries to rouse Rishabh and Seema herself tells Rishabh she is not his mother.

Rishabh’s eyes line with tears as Seema threatens to kill Rishabh in front of Lalit.

Lalit begs Seema but she cuts the thread and the chandelier falls over Rishabh’s face, killing him.

Lalit loses it and cries. Seema asks him forcefully to reveal what Chanda knows and he cries that he doesn’t know where the “Kalash” is.

Seema’s form alters Pratha and Rishabh’s body disappears and Mehak appears.

Pratha and Mehak put this trap into making Lalit confess as Seema has already sent Dadi away.

Lalit’s breathing gets normal and he promises to tell Pratha and Mehak the truth.

Lalit reveals the secret of "Amrit Kalash"

Lalit informs Pratha that the photograph she found at Naag Mahal is not of Seema but of her mother; Tara.

Seema belongs to the Asur vansh who has been in search of ‘Amrit Kalash’ for a long time.

He narrates the story when Pratha and Mehak’s Nani was alive and was happy to hear that her grandchild would assume the role of Shesh Naagin.

One day, Tara walked into the Naag Mahal, enraging Pratha’s Nani.

Tara came in to ask for Amrit Kalash but Pratha and Mehak’s Nani drove her out.

Lalit then tells that Naag Vansh has a special power that no clan on this Earth has and it is due to Amrit Kalash.

Only Pratha’s Nani and mother knew about Amrit Kalash and that is why the Kalkeya or Asur vansh has been in search of it for ages.

Pratha is confused as she asks Lalit how Chanda knows about the presence of Amrit Kalash and why he married Seema and left Chanda.

Lalit agrees to tell all he knows to Pratha as Pratha’s mind races with possibilities regarding the future.

End of today Naagin 6 7th May 2022 written episode.

Naagin 6 7th May 2022 Episode Update, Latest Promo:

As per the latest promo of Naagin Season 6 on 7th May 2022, Pratha will witness the secrets of Naag Mahal.

Pratha is getting closer and closer to finding out the truth about her past. 

Pratha did not wish to be the Sarvasresth Naagin. However, now that she is Shesh Naagin, she has a big responsibility to save her country, Bharat.

In the upcoming episode of Naagin 6, Pratha will realize that her past is related to the secrets of Naag Mahal and Seema's truth. 

Hence, Pratha will spare killing Seema until she is closer to knowing about her Naag Vansh clan and how she was chosen to be the Shesh Naagin. 

Meanwhile, Seema is determined to kill everybody who is protecting the country whether it is somebody from Naag Vansh or her own Vansh referring to Rishabh.

The viewers are in for a treat as this episode of Naagin 6 has everything in it; drama, thriller, suspense, romance, and action! 

Get ready to view the latest twist in Naagin 6!

To get to know more, download Naagin 6 all episodes or watch the online full episode of Nagin 6, go to the voot app.

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