Naagin 6 7th May 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 7th May 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 7th May 2023 Written Update: Naagin 6 written update

Naagin 6 7th May 2023 Written Update

Today's Naagin 6 7th May 2023 episode starts with Ajay telling Prarthna that Param is with Meheck and that he knows Prarthna is alive.

Prarthna realizes Param's truth

He explains to Prarthna that he has sent Param to the garden so now Prarthna should meet Param in the garden and Prarthna quickly walks away from there.

When Prarthna walks into the garden, she appears as Meheck which causes Param confusion, resulting in Param revealing that Prarthna is alive and that she has not lost any powers.

Prarthna transforms herself into her real Naagin form and Param looks at her in shock while he angrily shouts that Prarthna has killed his mom and that Pratha has killed his father, Nevla King.

Angry Param transforms himself into Nevla to attack Prarthna who is still processing Param’s words but she very soon takes her Naaging avatar to attack Param.

As Prarthna wraps her serpent teil around Param, she suddenly recalls Nayan’s wedding with Param so she only throws Param away causing Param to get unconscious and Swarna appears there, saying that she will take care of Param for now.

Patali's new glamourous look!

Meanwhile, Patali enters the Gujral mansion, wearing a maroon saree with her hair open and Meheck looks at Patali with surprise as she is impressed by Patali’s new gorgeous look.

Meheck takes Patali aside, complimenting Patali on her beautiful look and Patali replies that she has to look gorgeous as it is great grand daughter’s wedding.

Patali urges Meheck to give her some respect since she is Meheck’s mother-in-law but Meheck laughingly replies that she has so many husbands and so many mothers-in-laws that she cannot count anymore.

Hearing Meheck’s words, Patali expresses that she wants to kill Poorvika, so Meheck should tell her Poorvika’s location.

She then walks away once Meheck tells her the location and as she arrives in Poorvika’s room, she finds Poorvika sleeping on the bed.

Patali looks at Poorvika with a smirk on her face, muttering that she will kill Poorvika very soon which will be the end of Pratha & Prarthna’s lineage.

Patali meets Bela

As the snakes which are protecting Poorvika start hissing at Patali, she walks out of the room with a smirk and Patali is locking the room with a new lock when Bela notices her from a distance.

Bela grabs Patali’s hand as Patali starts walking away and she orders Patali to open the room but Patali rudely orders Bela to stay away from her since she is rakshash.

Patali then slightly pushes Bela away so she can walk away and Bela tries her best to open the door but she fails due to the magic in it.

Bela quickly runs from there, thinking this can be Prarthna’s daughter so she starts looking around for Prarthna.

Prarthna on the other hand is keeping an eye on everyone in the hall when Bela pulls her aside to tell her that someone is keeping Poorvika locked up in a room.

Prarthna realizes Trisha is a rakshash 

Bela explains to Prarthna about the Patali being the person who locked Poorvika which makes Prarthna confused so Bela walks toward Patali and gently pushes her a little.

Patali turns around in annoyance and Prarthna’s eyes widen as she realizes that Patali is back now.

When Bela returns to Prarthna, she reveals to her that Trisha is calling Patali her great-grandma which catches Prarthna off-guard.

Prarthna murmurs that now she knows why Meheck wants to marry Trisha to Raghu because then it will be easier for Meheck and the mastermind to attack Naaglok.

Afterward, Prarthna runs to check on Poorvika but she is unable to open the door due to Rakshash’s magic.

As Prarthna is in her Naagin avatar, Meheck is unable to recognize her, instead, she attacks Prarthna, thinking this Prarthna is not leaving her alone despite being dead.

Shekher reveals the truth to Bela

Prarthna however crawls away and when Meheck comes back to her human look, she finds Shekher standing in front of her frightened.

She starts flirting with Shekher, claiming that Naagin and Rakshash are sassier compared to normal human girls while Shekher makes it clear that he is happy in his marriage with Yamini because he has two sons who are half human and half rakshash.

Later, Shekher is saying to himself why no one is normal in this family when the lights start flickering, and flower vases start trembling which makes him believe that there are also ghosts in this house.

However, it turns out Bela is the one who has used her pari powers and she also hypnotizes Shekher to know what happened with Ashwith all those years ago.

Shekher reveals to Bela that not Yamini but someone else who killed Ashwith on that night and Bela quickly walks away.

Prarthna replaces Trisha, the bride

Meanwhile, downstairs, Meheck and Yamini give a sizzling performance together of the “Param Sundari” song whereas Prarthna orders Ajay to inject an injection into Trisha after Swarna switches off the light.

Ajay also starts dancing behind Trisha’s behind so as soon as the lights turn off, he puts his hand over Trisha’s mouth to muffle her screams as he injects the injection into her neck.

Meheck seems worried, thinking someone must have turned off the light but her worry does not last long as she finds Trisha safely standing beside her, who is Prarthna.

On the other hand, Ranav once again urges Raghu to tell him why he is not looking happy on his wedding day and Raghu just says that sometimes people have to make some decisions that are not exactly what they want.

Meheck then urges both Raghu and Prarthna to get ready for the wedding rituals so both Raghu and Prarthna walk away.

Once Raghu and Meheck leave the hall, Meheck excitedly tells Patali that she only needs to wait for midnight because she will become the Rajmata, giving her powers to control the nine powerful Naags.

Yamini and Ranav fight

On the other hand, Yamini escapes the Gujral mansion through the window with Ranav following her.

When both Yamini and Ranav arrive in the jungle, Yamini and he gets into a fight during which Yamini ties a Mrityupash around him and she also buries him under the soil, claiming that no one will look for Ranav now because he does not have love written on his palm.

In the Gujral mansion, Prarthna throws a tantrum in front of Meheck, saying she wants her father's presence in the wedding otherwise she will not get married and Meheck agrees as she thinks it is Trisha.

Meheck calls Professor Jeet when she returns to the hall, asking him to come and she reasons with him saying that Prarthna is dead so there is no chance anyone will recognize him now.

Jeet tries to change Meheck’s mind but Meheck orders him to come at any cost as Trisha wants him so Jeet finally gives in.

After Meheck cuts the call, she orders Mrigh to kill Meher after Mrigh tells her that Meher is leaving the town with Manjeet and Jeet.

However, Swarna has overheard Mehe-Mrigh’s conversation so she rushes to inform Prarthna about it and Prarthna starts stressing about it.

Manjeet learns Meher is a Naagin

Prarthna decides to save Meher but Swarna advises Prarthna to focus on the marriage as she is going to save Meher.

Prarthna watches Swarna leave with only one thought that today very soon she will meet the mastermind and save both her husband and her daughters.

Meanwhile, Patali dances in her cave while she strictly orders her goons to keep an eye on Poorvika and she also confirms that she has secured the place with a special Rakshash mantra.

On the other hand, Swarna goes to save Meher, Manjeet, and Jeet when their car gets attacked by some goons but she is unable to fight the goons for long as the goons point guns at her along with Manjeet and Jeet.

The goons also light up the car to kill Meher but Meher saves everyone by transforming herself into Naagin.

Manjeet and Jeet are too shocked to speak while Swarna explains to them that Meher is Naagin, Raghu and Prarthna's daughter and Swarna also takes Manjeet, Jeet, and Meher to a safe place.

Elsewhere in the jungle, Bela rescues by pleasing the goddess and she has arrived at the location after she snatched the locket from Yamini's neck.

Later, Swarna is busy romancing Ajay when Trisha attacks both of them and as Swarna falls unconscious, Trisha runs out of there.

In the hall, Jeet is making his entry for which Prarthna was desperately waiting but she does not get the chance to see his face as Trisha arrives there and everyone realizes that it is Prarthna.

Prarthna and Raghu then take their Naag-Naagin avatar to fight the enemies whereas Ranav also overpowers Yamini in the jungle. 

End of Naagin 6 7th May 2023 written update.

Naagin 6 7th May 2023 Episode Update, Upcoming Promo

In the upcoming story of Naagin 6, Prarthna will try to bring Ranav and Bela together.

Prarthna currently is busy trying to find a way to save both Meher and Raghu at the same time after Mahek has been given 24 hours time to get rid of her Naagin powers if she wants to save Meher.

Meanwhile, King Takshak has also ordered Prarthna to take responsibility for Naag Lok since Raghu is ill.

Now according to the latest spoiler of Naagin 6, Prarthna arrives at Bela's house, in disguise with a veil on her head.

She performs at the party while keeping an eye on Ranav who is busy staring at Bela.

On the other hand, Mahek has also joined the party but she is with Yamini.

According to the latest twist of Naagin 6, Bela and Prarthna will join hands together to fight evil. 

Let's watch the future episode of Naagin 6 to see how Naagin and Pari will fight all the odds.

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