Nach Baliye 9 Written Update 27th July 2019: The first performance of Jodis

Nach Baliye 9 Written Update 27th July 2019: The first performance of Jodis

Nach Baliye 9  27th July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nach Baliye 9 27 July episode starts with Manish Paul welcoming the guests.

The first performance is of Nach Baliye season 9 was given by Vivek & Babita for a Sultan movie song. Judges awarded them a 'HiFive Nach Baliye performance'.

Shraddha and Alum on the popular song 'Duniya'. Their performance is full of love and compassion and judges praise their chemistry.

Raveena gives them 75 percent and Ahmed sir gives 80 percent.

Manish Paul calls the next NachBaliye Jodi number 4 Vindu and Dina Singh. Their performance is a mixture of fun and romance on the theme of a first meeting.

Raveena gives a standing ovation while Ahmed calls it a dance straight from the heart. They also get a Hi5.

Manish calls the next Jodi, Muskaan, and Faizal. Their performance is full of passion and love on the song Banja Tu Meri Raani.

Judges give them standing ovation. Omkar, their choreographer, is also praised for his hard work. They also get the Hi5 and get emotional.

Faizal also re-enacts his first performance which made him a star just for Muskaan.

Later, Manish Paul asks for his dance partner and Valusha arrives with an amazing performance on song Kamariya.

Manish Paul gets delighted to meet his new co-host Valusha.

Jodi of Anita and Rohit is the next Nach Baliye Jodi to perform on a 70s themed song with perfect costumes and mesmerizing step of cabaret.

 Ahmed calls their performance a complete joyride while Raveena calls Rohit as a competition to Anita.

Raveena gives them 90 percent while Ahmed gives them 85 percent.

The next Nach Baliye Jodi is Urvashi and Anuj. They perform in a contemporary style showcasing perfect chemistry.

Raveena gives Urvashi for being full of mystery while she finds something missing in Anuj’s performance.

Raveena gives them 83 percent while Ahmed gives 80 percent.

The last performance is by various choreographers on the song Mera Waala Dance which is full of energy and stunts.

The written update of 27 July 2019 Nach Baliye 9 episode full story ends.

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