Namak Ishq Ka 29th December 2020 Written Update: Kahani gets interrogated

Namak Ishq Ka 29th December 2020 Written Update: Kahani gets interrogated

Namak Ishq Ka 29th December 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Namak Ishq Ka 29 December 2020 episode starts with police inquiring who got shot while Roopa reveals that she called the police.

The police ask Kahani her whereabouts and ask her if she knew Thakur while Irawati gets frightened and tells them to go.

Later, Kahani consoles the kids and tells them that no one should find out why they came there while Yug overhears them.

He tells Roopa that they should not trust Kahani quickly while she tells him that he should learn how to trust others.

Yug sees Kahani and realises that she heard their conversation.

She ignores him and goes back after putting the glass in the kitchen.

Kahani leaves Varma Niwas after Roopa fails to convince her to stay a little longer.

Yug takes out a note from his drawer and remembers how her mother felt hurt when his father left her for a dancer.

At the same time, Saroj comes there and tells him that he should have stopped Kahani from leaving the place and tries to convince him that she is different from other dancers.

Meanwhile, Kahani gets advance money from a lady to dance at her daughter's Mehandi celebration.

Yug comes to Kahani's house and Lucky asks her why he came there while telling him Kahani's whereabouts.

Kahani is dancing at the Mehandi celebration while Yug comes there and saves her as she falls unconscious.

Kahani regains consciousness and starts blabbering while Yug tells her to shut up and does her wound's dressing.

Kahani drops her advance money while getting out of the car and Yug gives her the money which shocks her

Elsewhere, Roopa tends to Ronit's wounds.

The written update of 29 December 2020 Namak Ishq Ka episode full story ends.

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