Nazar 2 Written Update 19th March 2020: Madhulika attacks Palak

Nazar 2 Written Update 19th March 2020: Madhulika attacks Palak

Nazar 2 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 2 19 Mar episode starts with Daadi and Urvashi getting happy with Apurv’s happiness. Madhulika reminds them of some offerings for Apurv’s birthday and asks Daadi to send Palak.

Palak gets worried about going out but leaves while Apurv wonders if Palak will get scared alone. Palak meets Panditji and he tells her to kill the demon.

Meanwhile, Apurv rushes with a bat to follow Palak. Panditji gets the print on a Taal Patra and puts it on the Kalash she is taking for the offerings to get saved.

The shape-shifting demon is not able to see and decides to recognize Palak using the print. Palak is followed by Apurv while he loses her after she puts the offerings.

Apurv takes the band from the Kalash while the family members start searching for him. Palak returns home and learns about the same.

Palak returns to the Chauraha and deduces that shape-shifting demon has taken Apurv. Meanwhile, the demon is taking Apurv in sake but leaves it on road to eat grapes.

The sake is kept in a truck with other things. Later, Madhulika confronts Palak and asks about Apurv and even attacks her. Palak reveals that Apurv must have taken the Taal Patra.

Panditji tries to save Palak but Madhulika attacks her as well. She takes Palak to the shape-shifting demon while Palak accuses Madhulika. She leaves Palak in the cave in an unconscious state.

The written update of 19 March 2020  Nazar 2 episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar 2 episode update: Demon threatens to kill Apurv while Palak gains consciousness. 

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