Nazar 2 Written Update 2nd March 2020: Palak enters the house

Nazar 2 Written Update 2nd March 2020: Palak enters the house

Nazar 2 2nd March 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 2 2 Mar episode starts with Madhulika getting happy with her successful plan. She plans on getting her powers back from the Daayan tree.

Urvashi and Narmada bring Palak back in the house with all rituals. Meanwhile, Madhulika is not able to gain powers and falls down because of Trishul on the terrace.

The Pandit declares that the Trishul stopped something evil from happening while Madhulika is confused as she did already bind the powers of Trishul.

Urvashi asks Palak to become friends with Apurv while Madhulika decides to stop them. However, Palak enters Apurv’s room before Madhulika can and Apurv asks her to promise him that she will not leave.

Palak wishes to keep the idol of the goddess while Apurv keeps it near the balcony. Madhulika falls off again and Hema Malini makes fun of her.

Apurv organizes a sleeping area for Palak for her comfort and Palak decides to recite a story to him. However, she can’t read English and says she can just write her name.

She writes her name while later tells a story on her own to Apurv. Halfway through the story, Apurv falls asleep. Meanwhile, Madhulika overhears them and get upset with their closeness.

She further gets worried as Apurv sleeps without drinking the Daayan Bhasm milkshake.

The written update of 2 March 2020  Nazar 2 episode full story ends.

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