Nazar Written Update 10th December 2019: Ansh-Piya on a mission

Nazar Written Update 10th December 2019: Ansh-Piya on a mission

Nazar 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 10 Dec episode starts with Ansh trying to find out about any Sarp from Daayan tree. He cannot find any Sarp while they deduce all of the Sarp family is after Mohana.

Sarp's family is trying to find Mohana while Dilruba knows that she will die if she breaks her promise with Mohana. Dilruba gets the bangle and agrees to protect her.

Ansh and Piya follow the snakes while the Sarp family gets suspicious. Piya creates dust in the air to prevent the snakes from finding out about them.

The snakes find Ansh and Piya and deduce that they can’t find Mohana because of them. They get surrounded by the snake humans on bikes.

Piya and Ansh escape from the traps of snakes while Piya wonders why she can’t use her powers. The queen of Sarp family deduces that Ansh and Piya are helping Mohana.

Ansh bleeds and is unable to heal his wounds. They deduce that their powers are getting weak as they have given their few years to Pari.

Ansh and Piya get disheartened with their situation. Piya rushes towards the balcony and breaks down into tears. Ansh tries to console her and asks her to be strong.

The written update of 10 December 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: The Sarp family attacks Ansh and ask for Mohana’s location. 

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