Nazar Written Update 10th June 2019: Karan learns the truth

Nazar Written Update 10th June 2019: Karan learns the truth

Nazar 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 10 Jun episode starts with Karan turning in his bird avatar. He throttles Ansh in the air. Ansh frees himself and attacks Karan.

Ansh forces Karan to bring Piya and Adi back to life. Mohanna comes and holds Ansh with her choti. She throttles Ansh.

Vedashri gets a strand of Mohanna’s hair and sets it in her hair. She says she will help Ansh in defeating Mohanna by making her weak.

Vedashri cuts her hand. Mohanna gets the cut on her hand as and when Vedashri puts a cut on her hand. Mohanna becomes weak and frees Ansh.

Mohanna scratches her skin to give the same pain to Vedashri. She says she will never let Ansh defeat Karan. Vedashri bears the pain for Ansh’s wellbeing.

Mohanna throws Piya and Adi’s statues to a faraway place. Ansh rushes to find the statues. Meanwhile, Mansi and Krish come back to life.

Karan gets delighted to see his family back to their normal self. Mansi hugs Karan. Karan craves in pain when Mansi tries to pull off his wings.

Nishant and Rathod family members follow a special procedure to learn about Karan’s location.

Karan questions Mansi about hurting his feathers. Mansi reveals that she is a Daayan and married him only to get the features from him.

Mohanna states that she planned all this. She also tells Karan that she left him in his childhood because of his deformity. Mohanna tries to get Karan’s feathers.

Saavi compels Naman and Sanam to dance. Sanam starts dancing.

The written update of 10 June 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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