Nazar Written Update 10th May 2019: Mohanna attacks Vedashri

Nazar Written Update 10th May 2019: Mohanna attacks Vedashri

Nazar 10th May 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 10 May episode starts with Shalaka and Adi. She states that since Piya killed Rahul so she will attack Adi.

Mohanna searches for Vedashri in the house. Vedashri hides inside the wardrobe.

Shalaka tries to attack Adi but fails. Adi uses his powers and burns Shalaka. Later, he turns in her giant avatar in front of her.

Vedashri calls Nishant and informs him everything about Mohanna. Nishant states that he will soon come to her.

Mohanna finds Vedashri and drops the cupboard on the floor. Meanwhile, Piya is worried about Adi. Ansh hears Adi’s giggles. Ansh and Piya see Adi’s gigantic avatar.

Mohanna tries to kill Vedashri. Avinash, Chaitali, and Shekhar come there to stop Mohanna. Avinash points the gun at Mohanna.

Shalaka breaks Adi’s toy. Adi starts crying and comes back to his normal self. Ansh and Piya come there.

Mohanna makes Avinash recall the past where the bullet didn’t affect Mohanna. Chaitali takes the gun and fires a bullet on Mohanna.

Mohanna remains unaffected. Rathod family members get shocked. Vedashri notices that her hand has turned blue.

Mohanna tries to drown Vedashri but Chaitali saves her by attacking Mohanna with a trivaar.

Tara tells Panna that she released Heera as Sanam is allergic to birds. Panna threatens Tara to reveal Heera’s location.

Nishant prepares concoction to defeat Mohanna. Ruby keeps an eye on Nishant and Panditji. Ruby attacks Panditji while Nishant fails to see him.

The written update of 10 May 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Mohanna attacks Rathod family.

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