Nazar Written Update 11th February 2020: Piya-Mohana lock horns

Nazar Written Update 11th February 2020: Piya-Mohana lock horns

Nazar 11th February 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 11 Feb episode starts with Mohana asking to start the wedding rituals. At the same time, Nishant arrives and stops them from proceeding.

Mohana recognizes Nishant as Reevavanshi and gets restless. Nishant shows her disapproval for Piya getting married to another guy.

Ansh tries to console Mohana while Nishant tries to instigate her. Nishant reveals that she is a daayan to save Piya from being Visharika.

Nishant throws a liquid towards Mohana but Ansh comes in between. Mohana gets mad at Nishant and her nails get bigger and eyes starts glowing.

Meanwhile, Naman is upset with Saavi being with another guy and tries to break them apart. Elsewhere, Nishant entices Mohana while Ansh has learned his plan.

He also reveals the same to Rathod family members while Mohana attacks Nishant. Later, Naman gives stupid advice to the guy Saavi is meeting.

Piya and Mohana start fighting with each other to win the battle. Mohana attacks Piya and Ansh approach to help her while Nishant stops him.

Naman asks the guy to put water on Saavi so cool her down. Elsewhere, Mohana beats Visharika and throws Piya off the balcony. Ansh also jumps off the balcony and saves Piya.

Manav acts weird around Saavi and later finds Naman around her table. Naman wishes to marry Saavi and expresses his feelings for her.

The written update of 11 February 2020  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Piya is saved while later Mohana again arrives in Rathod house. 

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