Nazar Written Update 11th July 2019: Ansh doubts Trishila

Nazar Written Update 11th July 2019: Ansh doubts Trishila

Nazar 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 11 Jul episode starts with Piya giving Ansh some juice. She gets a thrashing pain in her arm and drops the glass. Ansh finds that her hand is getting blue.

Ansh gets worried and fears that waiting for the right time will increase complications.

He goes to call Trishila while she is performing rituals to free someone from the jar. She reveals she was the one to steal Vedashree’s energy cup.

She confirms it was all her plan so that Nishant calls her to save Piya. She frees the shape from the jar and is talking with it. She further states it’s time to attack now.

Ansh comes and finds Trishila doing rituals. He gets suspicious to see the same powder in Trishila’s room and informs this to Nishant.

Nishant assures him Trishila is powerful and is doing everything to prepare for the ritual.

Meanwhile, Naman is searching for stone but finds out it’s with Panna instead.

Ansh gets worried to see the locked door to Piya’s room. Trishila comes out and informs he can’t go inside. She states the ritual can’t be performed in front of a Daayan Vanshi.

Sanam demands her stone, but Panna runs away with it. They all are caught by the police again and are arrested.

Nishant assures Ansh that Piya is safe with Trishila. When he hears some voice, he breaks the door to enter the room. Everybody finds the whole room filled with branches of leaves.

They all find Piya is alive and well. They all thank Trishila for curing Piya. Ansh apologizes to Trishila.

Ansh again gets suspicious when Trishila says we came to save Piya. He follows her.

Saavi and Naman are still trying to escape jail with the help of Sanam.

Ansh sees Tirshila talking to someone and uses his powers to figure out what she is saying. She says to someone that as Piya is well now, it’s the shape’s turn.

The written update of 11 July 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Everybody discovers the shape is Piya’s mother.

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