Nazar Written Update 12th February 2020: Ansh's surprise birthday party

Nazar Written Update 12th February 2020: Ansh's surprise birthday party

Nazar 12th February 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 12 Feb episode starts with Piya and Ansh getting saved by Piya’s powers. Piya wakes up and they both share an emotional moment.

Piya apologizes for spoiling his plan and creating problems as Visharika. Piya and Ansh later reunite with their family while Ansh asks about Mohana.

He is sure that Mohana will come back to take revenge. Meanwhile, Mohana learns that someone will come and will beat her to become Ekayan.

Nishant also learns that something big is going to happen and asks Panditji for help. Later, Ansh gets worried while Piya consoles him.

Mohana seeks help from Prathmayan but she refuses to help her. Mohana decides to take help from Uttar Jheel and takes a chunk of Prathmayan’s hair.

The next morning, Rathods are all set for the Pooja as it is Ansh’s birthday. Piya plans a surprise for Ansh with the help of Adi and Pari. Meanwhile, Saavi doesn’t believe Naman and says she will think before giving any answer.

Rathdods gather for worshipping the goddess while Mohana seeks an answer from Uttar Jheel. The water comes on her face. Meanwhile, Panditji asks for Kundlis of everyone in the family.

Later, Ansh is surprised with a birthday party by Adi and Pari. Further, Adi and Pari get upset as they want Ansh to feed them cake first.

The written update of 12 February 2020  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Ansh and Piya sing a song to console Adi and Pari.

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