Nazar Written Update 12th July 2019: Divya's return

Nazar Written Update 12th July 2019: Divya's return

Nazar 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 12 Jul episode starts with Ansh realizing Trishila has not come alone. He tells this to Nishant. Everybody criticizes him for misunderstanding Trishila.

He breaks the door, and everybody finds a shape with Trishila. Trishila reveals the shape as Piya’s mother, Divya.

Piya gets emotional to see her mother. Divya gives the credit of her being alive to Trishila. She confirms if an evil spirit kills a Reevavanshi, her soul can be restored.

Everybody get delighted with Divya’s arrival. Piya brings Adi to meet his grandma, but he turns to stone when he comes around Divya.

Later, Trishila reminds Divya of the importance of that day and gives her something wrapped in red cloth.

Vedashree insists on worshipping goddess together, and Trishila agrees. During the Aarti, Trishila tells Divya to leave with the red cloth.

She comes outside, and stars start to align together to form a sword. She opens the red cloth but is stopped and trapped in plants.

Ansh goes to see Divya while Saavi tells Nishant that all pages of Witch's secret are gone from the book.

Nishant tells this to Piya and confirms that it is the time of the last war.

Later, Piya tells Ansh to relax and not get suspicious about her mother. He is worried that something bad is going to happen, but Piya consoles him by saying everything will happen for their benefit.

The written update of 12 July 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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