Nazar Written Update 14th January 2020: New challenge for Rathods

Nazar Written Update 14th January 2020: New challenge for Rathods

Nazar 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 14 Jan episode starts with Rathods thanking Barkha for helping them. They all think that Mohana is dead while Nishant wants to cure his son Adrishi.

Nishant collects a sample of Chaand Ras to learn the ingredients. Meanwhile, Piya asks Barkha to stay with them while five men come with Chaand Raat Ras.

They keep the Chaand Raat Ras on the table and leave. Meanwhile, Naman says he has seen Sanam in a cave unconscious. At the same time, Nishant arrives with Adirshi and starts testing the Chaand Raat Ras.

Piya calls Nishant and tells him about the Chaand Raat Ras. Barkha points out that the five men are present there while Saavi wants Nishant to find out about the creatures.

Nishant is confused while Adrishi spills the Chaand Raat Ras on Daayan Rahasya to save his sister’s family. Meanwhile, the five creatures hypnotize Barkha using moonlight.

Nishant learns that the creatures are Chandraveshi and they are given the duty to choose the king or the queen of the evil powers.

Meanwhile, Barkha wakes up and is about to drink Chaand Raat Ras when Ansh and Piya stop her. Barkha is not hypnotized anymore while Nishant reveals the reality to Ansh.

Ansh decides to take Barkha away from their house while the Chandraveshis is taking her.

The written update of 14 January 2020  Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: The Chandraveshis hold Pari’s hand and turn her color green.

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