Nazar Written Update 14th June 2019: Vedashri is in trouble

Nazar Written Update 14th June 2019: Vedashri is in trouble

Nazar 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Nazar 14 Jun episode starts with Ansh seeing the CCTV footage of the daycare center. He learns that Mohanna is with Adi and starts following the vehicle.

Mohanna gets delighted to see Ansh as she feels now her plan will get successful. Ansh runs after the bus in which Adi and Mohanna are traveling.

Ansh calls Piya and tells her that Mohanna has kidnapped Adi. Mohanna comes in her Daayan avatar and takes control of the bus.

Vedashri feels dizziness and begins to faint. Chaitali and other Rathod family members get worried about Vedashri.

Naman tells Saavi and Gurumaa that he has a strong feeling that Sanam aka chudail is planning to do something. Saavi says we need to stop her before she harms someone.

Shekhar gets tensed when she sees Vedashri’s wound. Vedashri says she will be fine soon. Shekhar insists to do the first aid.

Vedashri says that she has a strong feeling that something bad is going to happen soon.

Sanam asks Naman to accompany her to a faraway place. Naman tells Saavi that he will no go along with Sanam. Saavi forces Naman to go with her.

Rathods get panicky when they learn about Mohanna kidnapping Adi. Vedashri’s wound starts burning when she begins to do the puja. Vedashri’s condition worsens.

Sanam surprises Naman by gifting him special weapons. Saavi shoots an arrow on Sanam but Naman saves her. Saavi tries hard to convince Naman but he refuses to listen to her words.

Rathods take Nishant’s help to treat Vedashri’s wounds. Nishant says that Vedashri and Mohanna are bound by a bond.

The written update of 14 June 2019  Nazar episode full story ends.

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